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Coefficients Math Equations Variables


Determine the solution to the system pf equations below? (Substitution)

------------ x=9+y x+4y-6------------
Coefficients Quadratic Equations Roots


writing a quadratic equation given the roots and the leading coefficient

Write the quadratic equation whose roots are 3 and -5, and whose leading coefficient is 3.  (use the letter x to represent the variable)   Answer= _____   =0 I do know how to do the first half... more


I am stuck

What is the coefficient of -mn^5 I have the coefficient of -1 but cant figure the degree


find the real solution for each equation? find the remaining zeros of the polynomial?

3x^3+4x^2−7x+2=0   x^4+8x^3+6x^2−5x+14=0   a polynomial has real coefficients. the degree is 4. two zeros are i and 9+i. 


Factor out the coefficient of the variable

factor out the coefficients of the variable 3y-24
Coefficients Math Algebra Integers


Find the polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the following conditions

Degree of polynomial: 3 Zeros: 4, 4i Constant coefficient: -192   A.3x^212x2+48x-192 B.x^3-6x^2-48x-192 C.4x^3-3x^2+48x-192 D.x^3-12x^2+48x-192 E.x^3+12x^2+48+192 F. None of the above
Coefficients Polynomials


coefficient help?

What's the coefficient of x^2 when 6x^2-2/5x+1 is multiplied by 10x+1/3?


what are the coefficients in the expression 12x^2+3x^2-8x+10

the ^ with a number next to it means that the number is an exponent 
Coefficients Functions Degrees


Given the function

Given the function f(x)= -5.6^6 + 9x- 0.6x^8+3 a. State the degreeb. name the leading coefficientc. Describe the behavior of both ends of the graphd. is the function odd, even or neither?e.... more


Solve this please, as quick as possible

Harris invested $200 in a savings account for 5 years. At the end of 5 years, his savings account had $450 in it.If $200 represents P, the principal amount, which percent represents the annual... more


Do i still add like terms in an equation, even when it says to subtract between the two coefficients?

The question is; Combine the like terms. 11x-9x = 18. Could you possibly walk me through this equation? Im unsure of what to do since there is a subtraction sign. Do i still add the coefficients? 


(5 b^{0} c^{-2})^{-3} (3 b^{3} a^{3})^{5} equals na^rb^sc^t wheres N AND THE EXPONENT OF a AND s the exponent of b and t the exponent of c

Where n, the leading coefficient and r, the exponent of a, is and s, the exponent of b, is and finally t, the exponent of c, is


Compute y' and y"?

Given that y=sigma of n=0, infinity of nx^n, compute y' and y" and write out the first four terms of each series as well as the coefficient of x^n in the general term. Answer:... more
Coefficients Foil


how do you foil (2(1-sinx)(1+sinx))

how do you foil when theres a coefficient?
Coefficients Algebra


How do you identify terms, like terms, coefficients, and constants in expressions?

My expression is -5x+4-x-1 


what does combine coeificents mean ?

what is the definition of coeificents?

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