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What is a second degree polynomial? Is every trinomial a second degree polynomial?

(if not give an example as to why it is not a second degree polynomial)


Factoring Trinomials

In the amusement park, there are a number of rectangular structures. In all cases, leave your answers in terms of x. a. The area of the ticket booth is x^2+5x-14. What are the possible dimensions?... more


What’s the trinomial for the area of a rectangle whose sides are x+2 ft and 5x-3ft

Find a trinomial  the area of the rectangle whose sides are x+2 and 5x-3


trinomial by grouping

3x^2 + 10x -8 Factor following trinomial by grouping

What are the dimensions of the base of this rectangular fish tank?

The tank has a height of p cm and a volume, V cm3, where V=6p3 + 13p2 - 5p

Find an expression in simplified form for the perimeter of Sally's patio?

Sally's rectangular patio has a length of (5x - 2) meters and an area (A) of 15x2 - 11x + 2 square meters   find an expression in simplified form for the perimeter of Sally's patio

Write an expression in terms of X for the width of Sally's pool?

Sally's rectangular pool has a length of (5x - 2) meters & an area of 15x2 - 11x + 2 square meters   Write an expression in terms of x for the width of Sally's pool

Is x^2 + bx + ax + ab a quadratic trinomial?

Quadratic trinomials are obtained when binomial expressions are expanded. Consider the following: (x + a)(x + b) = x2 + bx + ax + ab   This means that quadratic trinomials of the form x2 + (a +... more


Find out for what value of the variable

do the trinomial 3x^2−x+1 and the trinomial 2x^2+5x−4 have the same value? do the trinomial 3x2−x+1 and the trinomial 2x2+5x−4 have the same value?


For what values of x are the following expressions equal to each other

the trinomials 3x^2−4x+3 and x^2+x+1 the trinomials 3x2−4x+3 and x2+x+1


Finding Missing Term on Factored Trinomial or Polynomial

How could I find out the missing term in these examples   1) __x2-9x-9 = (__x+3)(x-3)   2) __x2-19x-20 = (__x+5)(x-4)   3) __x2-17x-5 = (3x-5)(__x+1)   Please show me the complete and clear... more
Trinomials Algebra


What value of c makes 3x^+24x+c a perfect trinomial?

The ^ = 2 as an exponent


Write (-5 + 3a)2 as a trinomial

Write (-5 + 3a)2 as a trinomial    


Janelle wants to enlarge a square graph that she has made so that a side of the new graph will be 1 inch more than twice the original side g.

Please tell me what trinomial represents the area of the enlarged graph.


Can anyone help me factor our the polynomial/trinomial?

X2 + 17x +72
Trinomials Math Algebra Math Help


Trinomial Expressions

M and N are TRINOMIAL expressions... M= -2a2 +a + 6 N= -3a2 + 2a -5 Express N - M as a Trinomial...?
Trinomials Polynomials Degrees


Help finding the degree of a polynomial?

Given the expression –10p2q + 7p3q – 5q, do the following as instructed below: Write the polynomial in descending order.Classify the polynomial by the number of terms.State the degree of the... more
Trinomials Elimination Method


solve by the elimination method 3x-2y=12, 5y=-11-2x

1. solve by the elimination method 3x-2y=12, 5y=-11-2x   2. solve t^2+6t=16   3. Perform division x^3+8/x+2   


x^2+2x-24 =

whats the complete factoring of the trinomial?

perfect square trinomial to square of a binomial

x^211x+    x^2 -15x+   s^2- 2/3s +   h^2-3/4h+ 
Trinomials Vertex Factoring Unit


Question is in description

Please explain answer with work/explanation. Very very confused.  If the area of a rectangle is 126 square inches and the width of the rectangle is 7 inches shorter than the length, what is the... more


Factor the trinomials completely. Then SOLVE 12k^2+14k-6=0



The area of a triangle of aluminum sheeting is 120in^2. The base of the triangle is 4 inches more then twice the height.

need the answer quick please help


Please help me!! MATH FINAL EXAM TOMORROW!!!!!! ;(

The area of a doubles tennis court can be represented approximately by the trinomial x^2 - x - 42.  Factor the area to find binomials that represent the length and width of the tennis court.  
Trinomials Precalculus Factoring



This question asks to factor the trinomial completely.  Im in pre calculus class in college, help would be greatly appreciated :)

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