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What are some of the influences of the Black Plague and its aftermath on the period of Renaissance?

The period of Renaissance in Europe kicked off after the Black Plague started disappearing. How did the the plague help in igniting the fire of rebirth?


Why are most late medieval fencing manuals German?

Not only is the German school dominating modern European martial arts, but almost everyone who talks about late medieval fencing refers to German fencing manuals as the primary source. Why are... more
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Did any of these artists ever meet?

Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael) and Donato Bardi (Donatello) are some of the most prominent and influential artists of the Renaissance period. Three of the... more


Were there ever any libraries in medieval villages?

I know that in towns and cities there might be libraries built, but is it possible or likely that peasants can have access to it as well? I've heard that every village has an least a monastery or... more


Why anthropocentrism disappears in art during the Dark Ages?

The human being ceases to be central part of Art in Europe with the arrival of the Dark Ages, only to return with the Renaissance.What are some factors that explain that?


What were the reasons for the Renaissance / scientific revolution in Europe?

One of the common reasons given for the Renaissance and the subsequent scientific revolution is the rediscovery of classical works by scholars in Europe and the social change that the study of... more


How is science different from rationalism?

 science makes use of mathematics  science studies the natural world  science relies on experience  science is a method of demonstration 

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