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Who is an American?

Eric Foner talks about who an American is and how the answer to that question has changed multiple times throughout history.what are your main takeaways from this lecture and describe Foner's... more


What do war and geography have to do with each other?

optional=RACEcan someone answer in RACE my son says it's not correct if it isn't
Race Ethnicity


Race & Ethnicity, Different Sides of the Same Coin

Is there a difference between race and ethnicity?


Myths related to race and criminal victimization in the United States.

According to actual data, is crime inter-racial or intra-racial? Are media depicted images of crime accurate or inaccurate? If the images are inaccurate, offer a theoretical explanation which... more

Why did James Baldwin call it "magnificent twenties"?

In his "*Many Thousands Gone*", Baldwin wrote > The Negro, who had been during the magnificent twenties a passionate > and delightful primitive, now became, as one of the things we... more

How were blacks excluded from juries in the US southern states in the 1930s?

As I am in the process of re-reading Harper Lee's *To Kill a Mocking Bird*, I did a bit of elementary research on the subject of jury selection in Alabama. I discovered that in the *Scottsboro... more


Why do I feel British??

I was born in a small border town next to California and came to the U.S at the age of 6. My mother and father are both Mexicans but all of my life I never truly felt Mexican or Latino, I have... more

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