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Identify what equation I need ?

Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally . X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000 , Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800 , how much less does X receive than... more


Word problem need help

a web music store offers two versions of a popular song. The size of the standard version is 2.6 megabytes (MB). The size of the high-quality version is 4.7 MB yesterday, there were 1110 downloads... more


Please answer ASAP. I’m desperate

A party rental company has chairs and tables for rent. The total cost to rent 3 chairs and 5 tables is $38. The total cost to rent 6 chairs and 2 tables is $26. What is the cost to rent each chair... more


Adult tickets cost $7.00 and children's tickets cost $4.00. He sells seven more children's tickets than adult tickets. The total amount of money he collects is $204.00.?

Miguel is selling tickets to a barbecue. Adult tickets cost $7.00 and children's tickets cost $4.00. He sells seven more children's tickets than adult tickets. The total amount of money he collects... more


Algebra Word Problem

Yolanda, Scott, and Hans have a total of $71 in their wallets. Hans has 3 times what Scott has. Scott has $9 more than Yolanda. How much do they have in their wallets?


Word problem: Hiw long did Mr Anderson drive

Mr. Anderson drove 168 miles in 3 1/2 hours he then drove the next 2 1/4 hours at a rate of 5 miles an hour faster in the first rate. How many miles did Mr. Anderson drive during the 5 3/4 hours


math work problem

Annabelle works as a salesperson at an electronics store and sells phones and phone accessories. Annabelle earns a $14 commission for every phone she sells and a $3 commission for every... more


Math Problem Help

Carlos can write 3 to 4 pages in his journal in 2/3rds of an hour. If he writes for 5 hours what a reasonable number of pages he can write in that time, The teacher says the answer is 25 to 30... more


CHEM HELP PLSS , sapling

A solution contains 0.625 g of Ca2 in enough water to make a 1875 mL solution. What is the milliequivalents of Ca2 per liter (mEq/L) for this solution?I have tried and do not understand, thank you.


What is the weight of box one and box two

Two boxes were being shipped. The sum of the two boxes was 80 pounds the difference between boxes was 10 pounds. What is the weight of box one and box two


A travel agent charges

A travel agent charges $20 for a trip to a convert if 30 people travel in a group. But for each 1 person above the 30 person level, the charge will be reduced by 0.25$ how mahy people will... more


How many lbs of coffee beans are required?

Suppose 38lbs of coffee beans are required to produce 2 lbs of farmers coffee. How many lbs of coffee is required to produce 371lbs of farmers coffee?



In a capture-recapture study, a biologist tagged and released 310 deer. A moth later she captured 40 deer, 30 of which had tags. About how many deer were in the population?


Six foot sub word problem convert

A party sub was 6 feet long. How many inches of the sub did Wes and his 3 friends each get if they divide it evenly?


Pythagoras theorem right angle triangle word problem

Hypotenuse is r=17.5m depth is x=15m height is unknown Question:Mr Thompson is standing 15m away from the church at the bottom right point of the right angle triangle. The distance from his feet... more



Jack has $12,000 to invest and wants to earn 7.5% interest per year. He will put some of the money into a savings account that earns 4% per year and the rest into a CD account that earns 9% per... more


Math word problem i cant figure out

I ordered 5 burgers and 2 fries for 17.75I then ordered 2 bugers and 3 fries for 10.25What does a burger costWhat does a fry cost


Distances in miles

Joplin is between wells and Greenville. The distance from wells to Greenville is 4,128 miles. The distance from wells to Joplin is 1,839 miles. How far us it from Joplin to Greenville?


If P and Q are non empty set,such that n(P)=15 and n(Q)=9.Find 1.the smallest possible value of n(PuQ) 2.the maximum possible value of n(PuQ)

If P and Q are non empty set,such that n(P)=15 and n(Q)=9.Find1.the smallest possible value of n(PuQ)2.the maximum possible value of n(PuQ)
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