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Algebra two word problem

the sum of two numbers is 13. if one number is subtracted from the other, the result is 5. find the numbers


Bill can walk 1/4 of a lap in 5/12 of a minute

How many laps can he walk in one minute if bill can walk 1/4 of a lap in 5/12 of a minute show work


I need help solving a word problem

A Michigan orchard made of 18,145 ib of taffy apples were approximately 1 Ib of taffy mixture for each 73.2 pounds of apples to the nearest 10th of a pound how many pounds of apples and how many... more


Two percent of Jennie’s skin cells were burned when she escaped from a fire. If 3.9×1010of her skin cells were burned then, how many skin cells were not burned?

Two percent of Jennie’s skin cells were burned when she escaped from a fire. If 3.9×1010of her skin cells wereburned then, how many skin cells were not burned?


Word problem need help

in a recent sga election, the two candidates for president received a total 750 votes. the winner received five times as many votes than the loser. how many votes did the winner receive?


Oliver and felicity have been married for exactly 2 years. Oliver is four years older than felicity. Now the sum of their ages is 65. How old was felicity when they were married?

a. Set up and write an equation that represents the unknown ages in terms of felicity’s age when they were married.



Are the points A(3,5), B(0,2) and C(-2,10) the vertices of a right triangle? Justify your answerThe endpoints of the diameter of a circle are (-5,1) and (3,-5). Find the center and the radius of... more


Stamp Word Problem

Mason has a collection of 49cent stamps, 20 cent stamps, and 3 cent stamps worth $23.55. He had 56 total 49 cent and 20 cent stamps and the number of 3 cent stamps is nine more than the number of... more


word problem . I need help solving it .

I rectangular garden is 45 feet long and has a perimeter of 150 feet. Roses plants are planted 3 feet apart. Find the area of The Garden


A recipe calls for 2 cups of milk for every 6 1/4 cups of flour. If you increase the flour to 43 3/4 cups, how many cups of milk will you use?

Need help setting up an equation to break down and solve the problem.


Need help solving word problem

2 cars 1st car get 35 miles per gallon and the 2nd car gets 15 miles per gallon together they use 49 gallons of gas and went 900 miles. How many gallons of gas did each car us


How far apart are the locomotives of Trains A and B after 5 hours? miles

Towns P and Q are 700 miles apart. Train A leaves P, heading toward Q, at 60 miles per hour. On the next track, Train B leaves Q, heading toward P, at 65 miles per hour. 


Rich chooses a 4-digit positive integer. He erases one of the digits of this integer. The remaining digits, in their original 4-digit integer, the result is 6031. What is the sum of the digits of the

Can the answers have good proof, and a good understanding of HOW you got the answer, and the steps. Please and thank you.Question Cont'd: original 4-digit number?
1 2 4 6 7 254

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