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Word problems using linear systems

The Clarke’s son suggests that they rent a car that costs $250 for the week plus $0.20/km. Their daughter does not want to drive far, so she suggests a car that is only $96 for the week but... more


word problem assistance please!

A soccer field is bordered on three sides by a parking lot of width x. The total length of the field and parking lot is 300 m, and the total width is 200 m. The area of the field is 30,000 m^2. ... more


Algebra question - Find the cost of one pencil and one folder

It costs $3.30 to buy 5 pencils and 2 folders.What is the cost of 1 folder and 1 pencil?If P = pencilIf F = folderWhat is F In terms of P?Solve the equation?please help


Systems of equations word problem

Vavilen inflated a huge balloon in 19 minutes. Then he poked a hole in the balloon so that it slowly leaked air out until it was completely deflated. The rate at which the air leaked out of the... more


Word problem question

Holly and hell are working in the garden with the statue at the center. Hey series of rectangular borders with a different type of flower in each surround the statute. The statues base is 12’ x 2’.... more


Weekly math problem

If it costs 10.00 with a .75 fee for every 1000 gallons of water how many gallons of water can you use and still have a monthly bill of 55.00 or less


Science/Math Queston

Mrs. Deluca has a large container of water for a science experiment. When she pours the water into 6 ounce beakers, she has 3 ounces of water left over. When she pours the water into 8 ounce... more


How do I solve this

to make an international call you will need the code for the country you are calling.the codes country A, country B, and C are three consecutive integers whose sum is 75.


Practice using systems

Two angles are complimentary, the measure of the larger angle is 26° more than three times the measure of the smaller angle, what is the measure of each angle? the equation for the system are?


Express 6m 3cm as a decimal of 1km


Need help solving this word problem

The resistance, , of a wire varies directly as its length and inversely as the square of its diameter. If the resistance of a wire long with a diameter of inches is ohms, what is the resistance... more


Division word problem

Manny makes dinner using 1 box of pasta and 1 jar of sauce. If pasta is sold in packages of 6 boxes and sauce is sold in packages if 3 jars, what is the least number of dinners that Manny can make... more


Algebraic equations word problem

the length of a rectangular field is thrice it's breadth. It' perimeter is 400 meters. Find its length and breadth.


Find a polynomial...

Find a polynomial with roots: 2 multiplicity 3, 4 multiplicity 1, and -5 multiplicity 2, passing through (2, 100)
1 7 8 10 12 13 254

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