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Word Problem Algebra


How many ounces of each will be used if the juice drink is to be sold in 5​-ounce ​cans?

A juice company sells apple juice for 12 cents an ounce and apple drink for 6 cents an ounce. They wish to market and sell for 10 cents an ounce cans of juice drink that are part juice and part... more


Solve the following CORRELATION and REGRESSION question and please show your calculations, and explain your findings.

The following data relates to marks obtained by students in two Continuous Assessment Tests Use the information to answer the questions that follow: CAT 1: 65 48 15 28 41 59 41 10 24 56 CAT 2: 28... more
Word Problem


Jasper and Corey have saved up a total of $78.00. Jasper haves saved $6 more than twice as much as Corey. How much has Corey saved?

Jasper and Corey have saved up a total of $78.00. Jasper haves saved $6 more than twice as much as Corey. How much has Corey saved?
Word Problem


Angle of depression word problem

You are visiting a Redwood tree forest and want to verify the height of one of the trees. You measure its shadow along the ground and use trig to calculate the height.The shadow measures 500 feet... more
Word Problem


Word Problem for Sorting Pictures

I constructed this word problem myself as I am trying to write a program that helps me determine some information. I puzzled this problem out myself a few months ago but now I have no idea how to... more
Word Problem


One number is one less than a second number. Twice the first is 4 more than 5 times the second. Find the numbers.

Need to find the value of both numbers

Word Problem Involving Fractions and Division

A metal rod will be cut into pieces that are each 1/48 meters long. The rod is 3/8 meters long. How many pieces will be made from the rod?
Word Problem Geometry Area Volume


Area/volume geometry word problem

A right square prism four feet tall drops snugly through a ten inch square hole. The contents of the prism must be transferred to a right circular cylinder that must barley fit through the same... more


I am struggling on this system of equations word problem

Mustaba and Sydney are selling candy for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy either small candy bars or large candy bars. Mustaba sold 6 large candy bars and 24 small candy bars for a... more
Word Problem Linear Programming


Solve the linear programming problem

A manufacturer of golf clubs makes a profit of $60 per set on a model A set and $40 per set on a model B set. Daily production of the model A clubs is between 30 and 60 sets, inclusive, and that of... more
Word Problem Algebra 2 Equation


Word problem equation

Suppose the population of Detroit was 1.5 million in 1990 and 1.0 million in 2002. If the city is losing population exponentially, how many years after 2002 will its population be 0.5 million?
Word Problem


Please help me with this !

An airplane has 173 seats. Seats on a flight to Albuquerque cost $675 in first class,$590 in business class, and $480 in coach. The number of seats in coach is 9 more than 3 timesthe total number... more
Word Problem


Andrea and Tim are picking apples. Andrea picks 4 3/4 pounds of apples. Tim picks 3 1/4 pounds of apples. How many total pounds of apples did Andrea and Tim pick?

I’m having a hard time doing this problem, anything helps thank you.
Word Problem Algebra


Create an Algebraic Equation for this math problem.

Jamie picks out a blouse to purchase. It is on sale for 25% off plus she has a $10 off coupon. She pays $23 for the blouse. Determine the original price​


Grade 9 math/ linear equations/word problem

the sun takes 25.38 earth days to rotate once about the axis. This time is 3.92 earth days less than half the time that mercury takes to rotate about it's axis. how many earth days does mercury... more
Word Problem Math Alphabet Help


help me with this problem please

The alphabet game costs $.25 to play. Before the game, 26 slips of paper with a different letter of the alphabet on it are put into a bag. A player draws one slip from the bag. If the player draws... more
Word Problem


Find two numbers, if their sum is 93 and their difference is 9.


The difference of two numbers is -1.If twice the first number is added to three times the second number,the result is 13.What are the numbers?

AlgebraWorder problem using 2 unknowns and a system of 2 equations
Word Problem Math College Algebra Volume


PLEASE HELP! A piece of cardboard is three times as long as it is wide. It is made into a box with an open top...

>How do I set this problem up and solve it? FULL QUESTION: A piece of cardboard is three times as long as it is wide. It is made into a box with an open top by cutting 4-inch squares from each... more
Word Problem Math Trigonometry Functions


Write an equation for a ferris wheel problem

Hi, I've been struggling with this question for weeks despite having adequate knowledge of the topic. If anyone could solve this for me and provide an explanation it would be greatly appreciated.A... more
Word Problem Precalculus


Precalculus Question #2

A shot put is thrown upward with a velocity of 35 ft./sec/ at a height of 4 ft. and an angle of 40 degrees. How long will it take for the shot put to be a horizontal distance of 40 ft. from the... more

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