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ratio and proportion algebra word problem

In making a certain type of concrete, the ratio of cement to sand is 1:4. In making x barrels of this concrete, the number of barrels of cement used is(1) x/5 (4) 4x(2) x/4 (5) 1/5x(3) x


ratio and proportion math word problem

A family consumes q quarts of milk each week. The number of quarts this family consumes in 10 days is (1) 7q/10 (3) 70/q(2) 10q/7 (4) 10/7q(5) q/70


Math ratio and proportion word problem

A man finds that he spends a total of y dollars per monthbfor heating oil during 7 months of cold weather. If he wishes to prorate his cost over a 12 month period, the cost per month is


Ratio and proportion word problem

It takes a train c hours to cover d miles. If the train travels k miles at the same rate, the number of hours it takes is (1) cdk (4) 7y/12 (2) d/ck (5) 84y (3) 12y/7


Algebra word problem

Two trains are 800 miles apart. They start at 9:00 a.m. traveling toward each other. One train travels at an average rate of 45 miles per hour and the other train travels at an average rate of 55... more


If there are five slices of pizza left in the box and you bring two to Joe. How many do you have?

I'm not sure if this is a riddle or a simple math question, can you please help?


Math word problem formula

If Cheryl rents a car she has two plan to choose from. One is 80 cents per mile . The other has a fee of 55 dollars and 60 cents per mile. How many miles does Cheryl have to drive for both plans to... more


Word problem for age solver

Nil is 23 yrs and 1 month. Shelly is 18 yrs and 7 months. Ben is as much older than shelly is younger than Nil. How old is ben?


Average speed (rate)

Dave drove his car for 5 hours and 30 minutes for a distance of 220 miles. Find the average speed (rate) that Dave was driving. Hint d=r*t


Alex works for 35 hours a week to earn $500. Every additional hour over 35 hrs is considered overtime.

He is paid $20 p/overtime hour. x is to represent the amount of hours worked p/week. He wants to earn more than $800 a week. Create an inequality to find the number of overtime hours, x, Alex must... more


Work Word Problem

If it would take Mark m hours to clean the house alone, and with his brother Sam they can clean the house in t hours. How many hours would have taken Sam if he was working alone?


Distance word problem (please help)

A jet is flying at 500 mph. The jet passes by the plane, who was only going 200 mph and had a 2 hour head start. How far from the starting point are they?


Translating a word problem (hard)

2 divided by the difference of a number and 3 minus 4 divided by the number plus 3, equals 8 times the reciprocal of the difference of a number squared and 9. What is the number. I know the answer... more


Algebraic Composition Word Problem

If x is twice y, and z is four less than x, write z as a function of y.


Missy Lee Bankhead

A 31-inch piece of steel is cut into three pieces so that the second piece is twice as long as the first piece, and the third piece is one inch more than seven times the length of the first piece.... more


Assume that all test scores have a non-negative value. Express your answer in interval notation.

In a class in which the final course grade depends entirely on the average of four equally weighted 100-point tests, Sarah has scored 89, 92, and 82 on the first three. What range of scores on the... more


Math problem. fresh fruit

you have $44 to spend on fresh fruit. The vegetable you want to buy is $3 per pound. The fruit you want to buy is $4 per pound. you don't want to carry more than 15 pounds. Write a set of... more


Math problem. Algebra II. A veterinarian....

A veterinarian had 140 routine cat or dog appointments for the week. the cost of a routine cat appointment is $20 and of a routine dog appointment is $25. The veterinarian earn $3225 for these... more


The sum of two numbers is 54. One number is twice the other. Find both numbers

The sum of two numbers is 54. One number is twice the other. Find both numbers


What is the initial fee? What is the rate of change?

in order to use the school gym for practice the basketball team is charged a usage fee plus an hourly rate. To use the gym for 5 hours it would cost $170. Two hours of gym time would coat $95
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