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Translating a word problem (hard)

2 divided by the difference of a number and 3 minus 4 divided by the number plus 3, equals 8 times the reciprocal of the difference of a number squared and 9. What is the number. I know the answer... more


Algebraic Composition Word Problem

If x is twice y, and z is four less than x, write z as a function of y.


Missy Lee Bankhead

A 31-inch piece of steel is cut into three pieces so that the second piece is twice as long as the first piece, and the third piece is one inch more than seven times the length of the first piece.... more


Assume that all test scores have a non-negative value. Express your answer in interval notation.

In a class in which the final course grade depends entirely on the average of four equally weighted 100-point tests, Sarah has scored 89, 92, and 82 on the first three. What range of scores on the... more


Math problem. fresh fruit

you have $44 to spend on fresh fruit. The vegetable you want to buy is $3 per pound. The fruit you want to buy is $4 per pound. you don't want to carry more than 15 pounds. Write a set of... more


Math problem. Algebra II. A veterinarian....

A veterinarian had 140 routine cat or dog appointments for the week. the cost of a routine cat appointment is $20 and of a routine dog appointment is $25. The veterinarian earn $3225 for these... more


The sum of two numbers is 54. One number is twice the other. Find both numbers

The sum of two numbers is 54. One number is twice the other. Find both numbers


What is the initial fee? What is the rate of change?

in order to use the school gym for practice the basketball team is charged a usage fee plus an hourly rate. To use the gym for 5 hours it would cost $170. Two hours of gym time would coat $95


How many candy bars total word problem.

Mary gave her mother 1/2 of the candy bars, she gave her brother 1/2 of 1 candy bar, she gave her grandmother 1/2 of the candy bars, she gave her sister 1/2 of 1 candy bar and kept 1 for herself.... more



JI'll is 13.5 kilometers away from Joe. Both begin to walk toward each other at the same time. Jill walks at 1.5 kilometers per hour. They meet in 3 hours l. How fast is Joe walking?


Solve equation by substitution

231 students. Van holds 7 bus holds 25. How many vehicles did they use if there was one more bus than van


Algebra 1 Word Problem

Two trains depart simultaneously from the same station, one traveling at a rate of 45 mph and the other traveling at 54 mph. How many hours before they are 495 apart if they travel in the opposite... more


Two word distance problems.

I have two questions that I really need help with. Donna took twice as long to drive 720 miles and Maple took to drive 200 miles. Find the rates and ties of both if Donna's speed exceeded that of... more


Solve word problem

Computer mice sell for $6 per mouse and keyboards sell for $18 per keyboard to make. Assume that the company wants to bring in at least $24000 after selling both of them. The cost for making can... more


I'm having a hard time solving this question pls help me

The Fruit Mart sells variety packs. The small pack is $1.80 and contains three bananas, two apples, and one orange. The medium pack is $3.05 and contains four bananas, three apples, and three... more


I need help on Word problem

An order of three sodas and two hot dogs totaled $6.45, while the next order – five hot dogs and two sodas – was a $7.93 total.How much for one hot dog and one soda?


I am not sure how to break this question down

How many quarts of pure antifreeze must be added to 5 quarts of a 20​% antifreeze solution to obtain a 30​% antifreeze​ solution?


I am having trouble finding the hr, min, and seconds with this math problem. I don't know how to solve it

John ran the​ 100-m dash with a time of 9.87sec. If this pace could be maintained for an entire 26-mi marathon, what would his time​ be? (Notice that 1 m ≈ 3.281 ft and 1 mi = 5280... more


Plz plz plz help I'm confused

Two right triangles are similar. The base of the larger triangle is 4 times the size of the base of the smaller triangle. The height of the larger triangle is 16cm. The area of the smaller triangle... more
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