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Word Problem Precalculus


Precalculus Question #2

A shot put is thrown upward with a velocity of 35 ft./sec/ at a height of 4 ft. and an angle of 40 degrees. How long will it take for the shot put to be a horizontal distance of 40 ft. from the... more
Word Problem Precalculus


Precalculus Question #1

Lukalu is rappelling off a cliff. The parametric equations that describe her horizontal and vertical position as a function of time are x(t)=8t and y(t) = -16t^2+100 and . How long does it take her... more


College Algebra Question

The population of a small town in central Florida has shown a linear decline in the years 2001-2011. In 2001 the population was 25500 people. In 2011 it was 18200 people.A)  Write a linear equation... more
Word Problem


math word problem

there are 12 houses on a street each house has 4 pets, how many pets live on the street
Word Problem


Understanding quotients

The difference of two numbers is 10, their quotient at six. What are the two numbers
Word Problem Math


In a school 2/5 are girls and 600 students are boys. How many girls are there

Word Problem Equations


How do you solve this word problem?

A rare species of aquatic insect was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. To protect the species, environmentalists declared the insect endangered and transplanted the insect to a protected area.... more
Word Problem


help now please

At the beginning of the month, Evan had $24 in his account at the school bookstore. First he bought some notebooks and pens that cost $16. Then he deposited some more money and his account... more


Word Problem Involving Tank of Water

A tank of water is in the shape of a cone (assume the “point” of the cone is pointing downwards) and is leaking water at a rate of 20 cm3/sec. The base radius of the tank is 1.5 meter and the... more
Word Problem Math


trish invests ​$6,000 in her IRA in a bond trust that pays 10​% interest compounded semiannually. Sean invests ​$6,000 in his IRA

trish invests ​$6,000 in her IRA in a bond trust that pays 10​% interest compounded semiannually. Sean invests ​$6,000 in his IRA in a certificate of deposit that pays 9.7 % compounded... more


Teacher not available during pandemic, got assignment need support

abe is going to plant 54 oak trees and 27 pine trees. abe would like to plan the trees in rows that all have the same number of trees and are made up of only one type of tree. what is the greatest... more
Word Problem Physics Velocity Speed



 One jet flies east at 880 km/h and another jet is flying north at 880 km/h. Do they have the same velocity? Do they have the same speed? 
Word Problem Physics Distance Velocity



An ant is crawling on your ruler. He is on the 6 cm. mark and he crawls back to the 2 cm mark. He does this in 2 seconds. What is the distance he crawls? What is his speed? What is his... more
Word Problem Math Calculus Math Help


State the rational function you have created in factored form.[ie. h(x)=f(x)/g(x) ]

Important to noteRequired Characteristics1.) Has 2 vertical asymptotes 2.) Has a horizontal asymptote at y=03.) Has a positive y-intercept4.) Has a hole in the fourth quadrant5.) Passes through... more
Word Problem Algebra College Algebra


Word Problem help

A cyclist traveled 11 kilometers per hour faster than an in-line skater. In the time it took the cyclist to travel 18 kilometers, the skater had gone 9 kilometers. Find the speed of the skater.
Word Problem Social Work Wordpress


System of Equation Word Problem

Amanda has two different tutoring rates.Rate A is a flat fee of $10 plus $10 per hour.Rate B is $12 per hour.What is the Least number of hours she must tutor to make more money using Rate B
Word Problem


If 30 pens cost $22, how many pens can I buy for $8?


Calculus word problem

An object is moving along a line, with time in seconds, and distance in feet. The acceleration of the object at timet is a(t) = -32 feet per second per second. The velocityof the object at t = 0... more
Word Problem


mixture problems

You need 30% alcohol solution. On hand you have 240 ML of a 35% alcohol mixture. How much pure water will you need to add to obtain the desired solution?You will need _____ mL of pure water to... more
Word Problem College Algebra


College algebra

A certain electronics manufacturer found that the average cost C to produce x DVD/Blu- ray players can be found using the equation C=0.04x2−5x+600. What is the minimum average cost per machine and... more
Word Problem Algebra 2


Inverse Variation Word Problem

Lily and James are doctors that do check-ups at a local clinic. Lili can do 3 more check-ups per hour. Lily does 80 check-ups while James does 70 check-ups and James is done 4 hours later. How many... more

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