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Hard word problem flooring

Josh is finishing remodeling his home. The last step is the flooring. He has a room 17 ft length by 20ft width. He is trying to avoid the fireplace that protruding out from the wall in the room... more


I don't even know where to start

A bridge with a supporting parabolic arch spans 60 feet with a 30-ft wide road passing underneath the bridge. In order to have a minimum clearance of 16 feet at either edge of the roadway, what is... more


Finding exponential decay given half-life problem

The half-life of a certain radioactive substance is 10 years. Initially there are 100 grams of the substance. Let A(t) be the number of grams of the substance at time t years. Find each of the... more


Continuous compound problem

How long will it take for an investment of $1000.00 to grow to $6000.00 at an interest rate of 3% if interest is compounded a) 3 times per yearb) Continuously


Projectile Motion

(Ignore air resistance) A man is riding in the back of a truck (facing forward) that is driving forward at a constant velocity of 30 mph. If he throws a ball straight upward so that it reachers a... more


I need help with this question

Blakes cell phone company charges him $20 plus $0.40 a minute. Steven’s cell phone company charges him $45 and $0.25 a minute. For how many minutes would Steven and Blake have to talk on their cell... more


Projectile Motion

1) A rifle is shot horizontally at a speed of 200m/s above flat ground. Compared to a bullet that is dropped at the same instant, the bullet that is shot will:a) take a longer time to reach the... more


how do you solve this problem

A sample of silicon contains two isotopes: silicon-28 and silicon-30. Silicon-28 atoms have a mass of 28 amu,whereas silicon-30 atoms have a mass of 30 amu. The sample contains 150 atoms and has a... more


I have 5 employees with different time allotments that I need to schedule

I have 6 employees I need to schedule to recieve cases on a case load rotation:Nancy who is a 0.9 time workerSara who is 0.9 time workerCandy who is half time so 0.5Amy who is also 0.5Andrea who is... more


two word problems i am having trouble with

Jack can do a certain job in 20 mins less time than Allen can do the same job. One day Jack starts the job but stops after 10 minutes due to getting hurt. Allen steps in and finishes the job after... more


How many text do I get?

if each text sent n received is 10¢ per text and I pay $20.00. how many text do I get?


I need help solving word problems

caleb, lime, and ava shared 240 stickers. Caleb received twice as many stickers as Lime. Lime received 3 times as many as Ava. How many stickers did Caleb receive?


Precalculus word problem

Suppose the average number of vehicles arriving at the main gate of an amusement park is equal to 10 per min, while the average number of vehicles admitted through the gate per minute is equal to... more


Precalculus word problem

A rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 12 inches by 18 inches is to be made into a box w/ an open top by cutting equal-sized squares from each corner and folding up the sides. Let x represent... more


How do I find the amount that represents 1.96 standard deviations above the mean?

How do I find the amount that represents 1.96 standard deviations above the mean if the mean is 36.74 and the standard deviation is 20.19?


math help on homework

if there were two groups picking up litter it took 5 minutes for 200 yards then how long would it take for 2 miles


What is the mathematical expression of the following statement: Double the number of apples is 5 less than half of thirty.

Write an equation that expresses the statement given in words.
2 4 5 6 7 254

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