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Word Problem Calculus Functions


john henry will build a rectangular corral using 200 meters of barbed wire. describe the area of the corral are a function of one of its sides

john henry will build a rectangular corral using 200 meters of barbed wire. describe the area of the corral are a function of one of its sides.
Word Problem Algebra


Writing a direct variation equation

Suppose that y varies directly with x , and y = 10 when x = -5. A) Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y.B) Find y when x = 4. y =
Word Problem Math


Need help with a math problem

a collage student completed some course worth 3 credits and some course worth 4 credits. the student earned a total of 59 credits after completing 18 courses how many courses worth 3 credits did... more
Word Problem


How do I work this word problem?

If Patricia has 2 more dimes than nickels and they have a combined value of 95 cents, how many of each coin does she have?
Word Problem


Please help me!

Spencer and Quinn both leave the park at the same time, but in opposite directions. If Quinn travels 9 mph faster than Spencer and after 5 hours they are 155 miles apart, how fast is each traveling?


If one can is selected at random from the​ cooler, determine the probability that the soda selected is root beer​, ginger ale, or cola.

A cooler at a picnic contains 100 cans of soda covered by ice. There are 19 cans of​ cola, 34 cans of orange​ soda, 46 cans of ginger​ ale, and 1 cans of root beer. The cans are all the same size... more


basketball points system of equation help

ok i need help. Math basketball team scores 103 points on a combination of 3 pointers, 2 point shots and 1 point shots. if 46 baskets were made and there are 9 more 2 point shots than 3 point... more
Word Problem


Word problem ( setting up a linear equation) hard

1) They sell 20 more children’s tickets than adult’s tickets to a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Children’s tickets cost $2.00 each and adults tickets cost $5.00 each. The total amount of money... more
Word Problem Math Algebra Translation


I need help translating this algebraic equation I’ve been stuck on it forever :/

The product of five and the difference of a number and four is fourteen more than four times the number. Find the number
Word Problem


You can do one-half of a job in an hour. Your friend can do one-third of the same job in an hour. How long will it take to do the job if you work together? Write your answer as a decimal.

You can do one-half of a job in an hour. Your friend can do one-third of the same job in an hour. How long will it take to do the job if you work together? Write your answer as a decimal.
Word Problem


algabra word problem

The population of the Wallingfried neighborhood has been growing steadily since 1984. In 1989, the population was 38500 people. In 1998, it was 44800 people. Find an equation in the form y=mx+b,... more
Word Problem Linear Programming


Linear Programming Word Problem

Maddie Moo’s Ice Cream Inc. makes two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. Each day, the company can make up to 1000 quarts of ice cream, and the sales department can sell up to 800 quarts of vanilla... more
Word Problem Algebra


Word problem with variables

A pharmacist counted and found she had 4/3 as many prescriptions for antibiotics as she did for allergy medicine she had 84 prescriptions for the two types of medicine in total how many prescriptions
Word Problem Math Precalculus


Precalculus Question

On August 31, 1854, an epidemic of cholera was discovered in London, England, resulting from a contaminated community water pump. By the end of September, more than 600 citizens who drank water... more
Word Problem Math Precalculus Algebra


Polynomial function word problem

The length of a rectangular field is 5 ft. more than its width. A pathway is constructed around the field with a width of 2ft. Write a polynomial function that models the area of the field with the... more
Word Problem Math Algebra 2


Algebra II Word Problem

Find ONE possible pair of integer values of a and c so that the following equation has the given solutions. equation is: ax^2 -8x +c = 0give two possible imaginary solutions for a and c
Word Problem Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Write a function that models the new path of the water

You are watering a garden. The height h (in feet) of water spraying from the garden hose can be modeled by h(x)=-0.2x^2+0.2x+1.2 , where x is the horizontal distance (in feet) from where you are... more
Word Problem Math


You and three friends go to a baseball game.

You and three friends go to a baseball game. You each pay $2 for a drink and x dollars for nachos. Use the Distributive Property to write and simplify an expression for the total the group pays.... more
Word Problem Math Algebra Asap


Algebraic word problems

Katie has twice as many nickels as quarters. If the coins are worth $4.90, how many quarters does Katie have? How many nickels does Katie have?
Word Problem Math Statistics Probability


Probabilty Question: Color of the Marble

Mr.W puts two blue marbles and one green marble into his pocket. Then he randomly takes out one. After recording the color of the marble, he puts the marble back. He repeats this 6 times. a.What is... more


Math Word Problem Challenge From My Son

In a rush day, Katie purchased several packs of pastels for 12$ at a store near her house. Typically she would go to a discount store that sells the same postels for 50 cents lessper pack, where... more
Word Problem Pythagorean Theorem


pythagorean theorem word problem

 A tower casts a shadow 40 m long. The distance from the top of the tower to the end of the shadow is 50 m. How high is the tower?
Word Problem


Word problem finding the three numbers !

the sum of three numbers is 136. the third number is 8 more than the first. the second number is 4 times the third.what are the numbers?

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