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I need help! My math is confusing

The perimeter of a square is represented by the expression 32x − 12. Write two equivalent expressions for the perimeter and explain how to find the length of one side.  

create a paragraph for science class using these words

use the words that are bolded the rest is the meaning Element- a substance with atoms that are all alikeMatter- Anything that has mass and takes up space Solid- state of matter that has a definite... more


What is the end behavior for f(x) = log (x^3) ?

Feel free to explain your answer if you want

⊥ to y = 3x + 1 through (9, 1)

Write an equation in slope intercept form for the given information.


Write equation in standard form hyperbola given endpoints and foci.

Endpoints (-5,-4) & (-5,6) foci (-5,-5) & (-5,7)


Algebraic word problems

Katie has twice as many nickels as quarters. If the coins are worth $4.90, how many quarters does Katie have? How many nickels does Katie have?


trigonometric ratios question, help ASAP

North star at Tahoe has a beginner ski slope makes a 15° angle with the ground. How far does a skier travel over a horizontal distance of 120 meters?


Similar triangles question

Tyler, who is 1.8 m tall, is walking away from a lamppost that is 5.0 m tall. When Tyler’s shadow measures 2.3 m, how far is he from the lamppost?

Help! Please! Heat Capacity of Calorimeter & Hess's Law

You used a bomb calorimeter, or constant-volume calorimeter, but misplaced the information of heat capacity of the calorimeter. If you burn 1.250 g of an organic compound, with, ΔE = -24.30kJ/g,... more


What are the fourth roots of -3+3√3i?


How many pounds of type A coffee did she use? 

Nicole's Coffee Shop makes a blend that is a mixture of two types of coffee. Type A coffee costs Nicole $4.45 per pound, and type B coffee costs $5.90 per pound. This month, Nicole made 144 pounds... more
Asap Geometry Help


Given that m∠ACB=52∘, what is the arc length of AQB⌢?

Can someone help me as soon as possible please? I really need the answer
Asap Math Hours P


Cody makes $50 per hour tutoring. Write an equation that shows the relationship between the h, hours worked and the p, the amount Cody is paid?

I really need help with this problem ASAP Please help

Word problem help

A pot of coffee with a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius is set down in a room with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The coffee cools to 50 degrees celsius in one hour.a. Find T(t), the... more

Word problem help!

A rectangular box without a top has a square base and a volume of 24 cubic inches. Let x be the length of the sides of the base. Write the surface area of the box as a function of the single... more


Find an equation of the ellipse

Find an equation of the ellipse that has vertices (4, 2) & (-2, 2) and foci (3, 2) and (-1, 2)

Precalculus Word Problem - 3 by 3 or 2 by 3 function

A total of $5000 is invested at 2%, 3% and 4%. The amount invested at 4% equals the total amount invested at 2% and 3%. The total interest for one years is $145. If possible, find the amount... more


Can someone help with giving me story ideas (in dot points) related to the topic (in description)?? HELP I NEED IT BY TOMORROW :(

MAIN QUESTION: Do you agree that this story is engaging and relevant for a young reader? Can you help with a story by Kelly Stephens, "Friend for a Lifetime" (not sure if you can find it on the... more


Word Problem: Need help ASAP

The distance between the cities Chicago and Toronto is 540 miles. A motorcycle's speed is 48 mph. For a car it takes 2.25 hours less to cover same distance than for the motorcycle. How long does it... more


rewrite 8r+8s as a distributive property

distributive property

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