Feven A.

asked • 02/19/21

Need a word problem

2x + y <= 15

x + y <= 10

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David Z. answered • 02/19/21

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Certified Math Teacher

Feven A.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help. Would you mind helping me find the solution as well. :))


David Z.

so if you graph this system, the equation 2x+y<=15 will have a y intercept of 15 and an x intercept of 7.5. If you graph the equation x+y<=10, the y intercept is 10 and the x intercept is 10. The point where both x and y are equal for both equations is x=5, y =5 (5,5). But since it's an inequality there is some shading involved that shows all the allowable solution combinations.


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