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Trigonometric Identities


Proove that tanx/secx+1 = 2cosx-2cos^2/sin2x

Trigonometric Identities Precalculus Trigonometry


Use trigonometric identities to transform the left side of the equation to the right side (0 < θ < π/2).

1) sinθ/cosθ + cosθ/sinθ = cscθsecθ2) (tanB + cotB)/tanB=csc^2B
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry


Express the following in terms of sinx

1). cosx (2cosx - 3tanx)I need to use one or both of the following equations as these are the only ones we have been taught so far: i). cos2x + sin2x = 1ii). tanx = sinx / cosx
Trigonometric Identities Calculus Trigonometry Cosine


Given Cos (2x)= -24/25, 2nd Quadrant (pi/2 <x< pi); What is Sin(x) ?

Am I missing something big here? I've gotten around to making sin(2x)=7/25 but I don't understand how to go from double angle to single angle using identities.
Trigonometric Identities Math Trigonometry


cos3x = 1- 3cosx Solve for x

what I did:cos(2x + x) = 1-3cosxused compound angle formulacos2xcosx - sin2xsinx = 1- 3cosxused double angle formulae for both cos2x and sin2x(1-2sin^2x)cosx - 2sin^2xcosx = 1-3cosxbut I'm stuck... more
Trigonometric Identities Proofs Trigonometric Functions


Prove that cos(x)tan(x) divided by cosec(x)^2 equals cos(x)^3 divided by cot(x)^3

Prove that cos(x)tan(x) / cosec(x^2) = cos(x)^3 / cot(x)^3
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry


trigonometric identities

prove that cos(90°-θ)/tan(180°+θ)=cos(360°-θ)
Trigonometric Identities


Proof of trigonometric identity

Trigonometric Identities Trigonometric Functions


fiind all solutions at interval [0,2pi] sin^2x - cos^2x = 0

 find all the solutions at the interval [0,2pi] for the equation sin^2 x - cos^2 x = 0
Trigonometric Identities


(sin x + sin 3x + sin 5x )/ (cos x + cos 3x + cos 5x) = tan 3x

how do you prove this identity (using a level maths)
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Trigonometric Results


Suppose the θ is an acute angle and cosθ = 4/5. Using the results sin2x = 1/2*(1 - cos2x) and cos2x = 1/2*(1 + cos2x), find the exact values of cos1/2θ, sin1

Suppose the θ is an acute angle and cosθ = 4/5.    Using the results sin2x = 1/2*(1 - cos2x) and cos2x = 1/2*(1 + cos2x),   find the exact values of cos1/2θ, sin1/2θ, and tan1/2θ 
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Maths Trigonometric Functions


The trigonometric ratio of 13pi/3 are same as that of?

pi/3, pi, pi/6 or 11pi/3??  
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Limits Limits Of A Function


Points of discountuity

how do we find pointa of discountity of trignometric functions such as tan^-1(5x)   or sec(5x)
Trigonometric Identities Parametric Equations


How to simplify trigonometric equations? (See details below)

Here is the question I'm stuck on:    The motion of point P is given by the following equations:   x(t) = -2 sin (t) cos (t)  y(t) = cos (2t)  The path traced by point p is called curve... more
Trigonometric Identities


Verify the identity. sin quantity x plus pi divided by two = cos x

Trigonometric Identities


Verify the identity. 4 csc 2x = 2 csc2x tan x

Trigonometric Identities


Cos theta = -4/9 with theta in quadrant 2, find sin theta

I don’t know the answer .
Trigonometric Identities


solve and put in a trig equation

25 cos(2t)+12 sin(t+π/2)+2 cos^2(t)
Trigonometric Identities


verify the identity cot(x-pi/2)=-tanx

Trigonometric Identities


How to simplify trigonometric equations? (see details of question!)

This is the questions I'm stuck on:    Solve algebraically: f(x) = g(x) when f(x) = 4sin(2x)cos(2x)+2 and g(x)= 4sin(3x)sin(2x) + 2   1. I equated the equations          4 sin(2x)cos(2x)+2... more
Trigonometric Identities


If y=sin 0, what is sec 0 in terms of y?

Math question 
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry


Very the identity

cos(x-y) / sin(x)sin(y) = cot(x)cot(y)+1
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Trigonometry Functions


How to find coordinates on terminal arm

The angle theta is in the first quadrant and sin of theta = 2/sqrt(13) determine the possible coordinates for point P on the terminal arm

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