Garen T.

asked • 06/16/15

If f( ? ) = sin ?, what is f(5p /3)?

The π  next to the 5 is pi.
pls explain

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Andrew M. answered • 06/16/15

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Michael J. answered • 06/16/15

5 (5)

Understanding all Sines of Triangles

Garen T.

I got the same answer but my teacher marked it as only half right. She said you have to continue?


Michael J.

I don't know why your teacher said you have to continue.  -√(3)/2 is the most simplest solution to this.


Andrew M.

I agree with Michael.  The only possible other thing you could do at that point would be to work it out to a decimal which is not necessary.  You really need to ask your teacher to explain the reasoning and show you what else he/she wants done.


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