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Quadrant type of problem

In a quadrant there are four sides sooo
Tan Cos


If tanx=60/11 and π<x<3π/2 what is cos(x−π)?

If  and  what is Enter your answer as a fraction in simplest form, like this: 3/14

If Tan^2(t)-Sin^2(t)=Sin^a(t)/Cos^b(t), then the positive power a= ALSO the positive power b=

So, I know the first two stepssin^2(t)/cos^2(t) -sin^2(t)sin^2(t)-sin^2(t)cos^2(t)/(cos^2(t)I have no idea what to do after this? I looked and it said to factor but I have no idea why you factor... more


Find and expression for tanβ in terms of α given that β is acute and sinβ=α

Sorry but Iam not sure how to work it out


what number is the same under tangent with rad and deg

Basically, the question is tan(x) = Tan(x). Obviously besides 0, what would be the same under tan and Tan?

Can't Solve -1-√3 * 1-√3 ------- ------ 1+√3 * 1-√3

I am doing sum and difference formulas with sin, cos, and tan. I am doing tan75 with the difference formula.   So tan 120-45   I have all the things found I just don't know how to multiply it... more

What is csc2x if tanx = -3/4 and pi/2 < x < pi

The first "<" is a one with a line under it.

If sin(x) = 1/8 and x is in quadrant I, find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.

If sin(x) = 1/8 and x is in quadrant I, find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.   a) sin(2x) b) cos(2x) c) tan(2x)

Trig problem

Evaluate sin(sin-1(sin60)) [60 degrees]   and    evaluate cos-1(cos(cos-10.5)) if the angle is in quadrant 1. 

complete the identity: cot(t) + tan(t)=

I'm having trouble solving the above question, as well as the one below    tan20+tan10/1-tan20tan10=


Find the length of the angle

In a 58° - 32° right triangle, the side adjacent to the 32° angle is 41.74 inches. If tan58° = 1.6003, find the length of the side opposite the 32° angle. Estimate your answer to 3 decimal places.


Limit at infinity with cot and tan

limx-->positive infinity tan ( x/x^2+1)    limx--> negative infinity cot ( pix/4x+1)    This is so confusing for me, i would lice a detailed step by step. 

trigonometry question

A ladder leans against a wall with its foot 1.5 metres from the wall making for an angle of 45º36' with the ground. How long is the ladder?
Tan Theta


find value for sec theta when tan theta=-sqrt root 11 divided by 5, cos theta<0

find value for sec theta when tan theta=-sqrt root 11 divided by 5, cos theta<0


Find sec(x) and cos(x), if tan(x)=3 and cos(x)>0

Three words. Terrible. At. Math. Could use some help understanding.
Tan Sin Cot


Find cot(x) and sin(x), if cos(x)=-(1/5) and tan(x)<0

I really need a lot of help in math, it's my worst subject. My best is English, but that's not important.


Solving For X In The Interval

Solve for x in the interval...   0<x<2π: 3sin2(2x+1)+2sin(2x+1)-1=0   My teacher says there should be 6 answers.  I have a TI-84 calculator, so maybe there's a way to plug this in to find... more


Solve For All Values of X

Solve for ALL values of x in the real number system.  If an EXACT solution does not exist, round your answers to the nearest hundredth.   sin2x = sinx


Find the tension in each cable necessary to keep the block from moving (either sideways or downward)

A 900-lb block is being suspended and held stationary by two steel cables as shown.  The first cable (to the left of the block) makes a 70 degree angle with the horizontal, while the second cable... more


Evalulate Basic Problems

My professor said for this problem to use inverse trig functions, half angle, and double angle identities.   Evaluate:   tan(2sin-1(4/5))   Please list the answer step by step and next to... more


Prove Basic Problems (Dealing with Cos & Tan)

Prove:   1-cos2x/1+cos2x=tan2x   Please include step by step and next to each step, please include the identity used! :)


Prove Basic Problems (Dealing with Sin, Cos, Tan)

Prove:   SQUARE ROOT OF (3cosx+4sinx)2+(4cosx-3sinx)2 = 5   Please include step by step and the identities used next to each step! :)


Proving Basic Problems (Dealing with Sin, Cos, Tan)

Prove:   sinx/sinx+cosx)=tanx/1+tanx   If you could, please list the steps and include the identities next to the steps.


Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx

Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx   Please show the steps and prove this by making both sides equivalent to each other.  Also, please include which identities follow with each step! :)

Using the pythagorean identity, find the value of sin? and tan? if cos?= -1/2

Using the pythagorean identity, find the value of sin⊗ and tan⊗ if cos⊗= -1/2

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