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If cos α = 0.923 and cos β = 0.624 with both angles’ terminal rays in Quadrant-I, find the values of (a) cos ( α + β ) = (b) cos ( β − α ) =

I need to find it the the 4th decimal any help would be appreciated?


Quadrant type of problem

In a quadrant there are four sides sooo


Verify the conclusion of​ Green's Theorem by evaluating both sides of the equations for the field

Verify the conclusion of​ Green's Theorem by evaluating both sides of the equations for the field F = - 3yi + 3xjTake the domains of integration in each case to be the disk R: x2 + y2 ≤ a2 and its... more


Which expressions are equivalent to −tan⁡ θ?

1) Which expressions are equivalent to −tan⁡ θ?There may be more than one correct answer. Select all that apply.a) 1/cot(−θ)b) 1/cotθc) tan θd) −1/cotθe) −1/cot(−θ)f) tan(−θ)2) What is the correct... more


If cos x=8/17, and 3π2<x<2π, what is sin(x−π)?

If Tan^2(t)-Sin^2(t)=Sin^a(t)/Cos^b(t), then the positive power a= ALSO the positive power b=

So, I know the first two stepssin^2(t)/cos^2(t) -sin^2(t)sin^2(t)-sin^2(t)cos^2(t)/(cos^2(t)I have no idea what to do after this? I looked and it said to factor but I have no idea why you factor... more


What is the difference between إِثْم and ذَنب and سَيِّئَة which refer to sin?

There are a number of Arabic words in Quran that refer to sin like: إِثْم and ذَنب and سَيِّئَة. *I am looking for the difference between them and their usage.*


Find all angles θ between 0° and 180° satisfying the given equation sin(θ) = 1/8

This is a trig question my math teacher gave and i am confused. I thought the answers were 4.2 and 172.8
Sin Math


Establish the identity sin ( π/2 + Ø) = cos Ø

Which of the following four statements establishes the identity?   A.) sin ( π/2 + Ø) = sin π/2 sin Ø+cos π/2 cos Ø=(0)sinØ+(1)cosØ=cosØ B.) sin ( π/2 + Ø) = sin π/2 sin Ø-cos π/2... more
Sin Angle


Find the missing angle

Find the missing angle below for 0°≤Ø≤90°   sinØ=√2/2


Sin and Cos functions

Without a calculator, find the exact value of:   a) sin(120)   b) cos(-3Π/4)



Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi).   (sinx)^2=2-2cosx   Write your answer in radians in terms of pi
Sin Tan Cot


Find cot(x) and sin(x), if cos(x)=-(1/5) and tan(x)<0

I really need a lot of help in math, it's my worst subject. My best is English, but that's not important.


Find sin(x) and cos(x), if cot(x)=8 and csc(x)<0

I have a few more questions about stuff like this, but all my questions are going on here separately. I think I'm STARTING to understand this stuff a little better. I just can't figure out how to... more

Graphing Trig. Functions & Inverses

Evaluate In degrees:   1. Sin^-1 (-2pi)    2. arctan (- square root 3/3)   3. sin (cos^-1(- square root 3/2)      Evaluate in Radians   1. Arctan (-1)   2. cos^-1 (- 1/2) 


Solving For X In The Interval

Solve for x in the interval...   0<x<2π: 3sin2(2x+1)+2sin(2x+1)-1=0   My teacher says there should be 6 answers.  I have a TI-84 calculator, so maybe there's a way to plug this in to find... more


Solve For All Values of X

Solve for ALL values of x in the real number system.  If an EXACT solution does not exist, round your answers to the nearest hundredth.   sin2x = sinx


Find the tension in each cable necessary to keep the block from moving (either sideways or downward)

A 900-lb block is being suspended and held stationary by two steel cables as shown.  The first cable (to the left of the block) makes a 70 degree angle with the horizontal, while the second cable... more


Convert from Polar to Rectangular Form

Convert the following from Polar to Rectangular Form:   r=3sinΘ(Theta)-4cosΘ(Theta)


Evalulate Basic Problems

My professor said for this problem to use inverse trig functions, half angle, and double angle identities.   Evaluate:   tan(2sin-1(4/5))   Please list the answer step by step and next to... more


Prove Basic Problems (Dealing with Cos & Tan)

Prove:   1-cos2x/1+cos2x=tan2x   Please include step by step and next to each step, please include the identity used! :)


Prove Basic Problems (Dealing with Sin, Cos, Tan)

Prove:   SQUARE ROOT OF (3cosx+4sinx)2+(4cosx-3sinx)2 = 5   Please include step by step and the identities used next to each step! :)


Proving Basic Problems (Dealing with Sin, Cos, Tan)

Prove:   sinx/sinx+cosx)=tanx/1+tanx   If you could, please list the steps and include the identities next to the steps.


Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx

Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx   Please show the steps and prove this by making both sides equivalent to each other.  Also, please include which identities follow with each step! :)

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