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gas has a temperature of 234 K. What will was its initial pressure (in atm) if after we increase the temperature to 300 K its pressure reads at 110 kPa?

Can someone please help me answer this question than you very much! it would very helpful if I can get it within today or the evening or at least tomorrow. Thank you very much.


What mass of O_2 gas must be produced in order for 4.5 L of NaOH to react completely at STP?

According that H_2O reacts with Na_2O_2 according to the following equation:2Na_2O_2 + 2H_2O yields 4NaOH + 1O_2


The temperature is -13 degrees celsius, the air pressure in a car tire is 2.5 atm. If the volume does not change, what will the temperature in celsius be if the pressure is 1.2 atm?

Chemistry question of gas laws, 10th grade. Find the pressure from a given temperature and air pressure.


Ideal Gas Equation Problem 4

Consider the equation: 4 NH3(g) + 5 O2(g)= 4 NO(g) + 6 H2O(g)At a constant temperature and pressure, what is the maximum volume, in liters, of NO that can be made from 3.0 L or NH3 and 3.0 L of O2?


Gas Law Problem 10

A ballon bursts when its volume exceeds 450 cm3. If the ballon has a volume of 390 cm3 at 20º C and an atmospheric pressure of 700 mm Hg, what is the maximum temperature the ballon can withstand at... more


Physical Science Math

Using Boyle's law, predict what will happen to a balloon that an ocean diver makes to a pressure of 202 kPa.


Gas Laws Math

6. A container holding a gas at 500atm is held at 298K (room temperature). What is the pressure of the gas in the container when it is heated to 1000K? 7. Why is the situation in #6 dangerous?


Gas Laws Math

The pressure of a gas trapped inside a 10ml test tubeis originally 1atm. When the pressure on the tube is increased to 5atm, what will be the volume of gas trapped inside the cube?


Gas Laws Math

When 432L of Krypton gas is heated from 320K to 570K, it expands. What is the final volume of the gas?


Gas Laws Math

A balloon is heated and expands to 500ml when it is heated to 490K. If the original temperature of the balloon was 300K, what was the original volume?


Gas Laws Math

A pressure cooker is used to heat up food quickly. If the air in a pressure cooker is initially at 450K under a pressure of 100kPa, what will the pressure be when the temperature is increased to 600K? more


Physical Science Gas laws

500 ml of argon is held in a container under 20 atm of pressure. What will the volume of the gas be if the pressure is decreased to 14 atm


What is the pressrure of each gas?

A flask contains 2.5 moles CO2, 7.6 moles Ar, 1.2 moles Kr. The total pressure is 75.0 kPa


The partial pressure of nitrogen in the flask is

A mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gases, in a 8.04 L flask at 40 °C, contains 0.289 grams of hydrogen and 12.3 grams of nitrogen. The partial pressure of nitrogen in the flask is ________ atm and... more


What volume of carbon dioxide is produced

What volume of carbon dioxide is produced when 39.6 g of calcium carbonate reacts completely according to the following reaction at 25 °C and 1 atm? calcium carbonate (s) calcium oxide (s) +... more


Convert 2.3 atm into mmHg

How do I convert atm to mmHg?


If 2.15 moles of an ideal gas occupies 42.3 liters at a pressure of 101.9 kPa, what is the temperature of the gas? Report your answer in C.

I need help on this question. It is very confusing to me. 


In a lab, a 1L balloon was placed over an Erlenmeyer flask at 100 degrees celsius.

As the temperature of the flask was cooled the balloon was pulled into the flask as the volume of the air in the flask reduced. What are the changing and constant variables? Why did the volume of... more


Calculate the volume of co2 in l, produced when 300 g of butane is burned is burned completely in oxygen. The gas volume is measured at slc

I don’t understand how to find the mole using only the kg of butane


Do both flasks contain the same number of atoms?

If two identical sealed flasks, one containing He and one containing Ne, are at the same temperature (298 K) but the pressure of He is 1atm and the pressure of Ne is 0.5 atm, will both flasks... more


Gas law question

Sulfur trioxide, SO3 (g), decomposes into sulfur dioxide gas and oxygen gas according to the following equation: 2SO3 (g) → 2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) Assuming the reaction fully completes explain why,... more


I’m doing revision questions and do not know how I would do these gas law questions

2. The inflation of an air bag during a car crash is due to production of nitrogen gas, N2(g), by the following reaction: 2NaN3(s) → 2Na(s) + 3N2(g) a) What volume of N2 is produced when 120 g of... more
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