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What fraction of a beam is absorbed in a layer containing 1 kg/m^2 of gas?

Radiation with frequency ν and zero zenith angle passes through a gas with absorption coefficient kv = 0.01 m2/kg.(a) What fraction of the beam is absorbed in a layer containing 1 kg/m2 of gas?(b)... more


Science help? Anything will help.

What is the total amount of energy emitted by an object with a temperature of 134°F? HINT: convert to degrees Kelvin before applying to the formula and round answer to the nearest tenth
Radiation Physics Forces Energy


Why alpha particles inestead of hydrogen or duetereum?

I know atoms undergoing alpha decay emit alpha particles, but I was wondering why specifically helium nuclei? If these atoms wanted to emit the smallest unit of matter (I'm talking about hadrons... more
Radiation Science Biology Physics


Really need clarification for this.

in a thermal pot, there is a layer of vacuum in the outer wall, an inner pot lid and an outer pot lid.    Please help me to clarify these questions:     1. Does hot food radiate heat? Or does... more

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