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Is there a reliable way to identify regions with negatively-correlated winds?

When examining the potential for large-scale electricity grids, and when identifying the lowest-cost ways to generate clean electricity, a recurring theme is of spreading wind generation across a... more

Why do certain areas on Earth have a higher or lower air pressure at sea level?

For instance, looking at [this map of world air pressure in January](http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-maps/wind-and-pressure-jan-enlarge-map1.html) and [this map of... more

Sea breeze - magnitude of horizontal pressure gradient?

What is the range of horizontal pressure gradients typically caused by the differential heating of land and water under sea breeze conditions?

The grains of the parabolic dunes?

My text book says that parabolic dunes consist of consolidated limestone grains, but I wondered if they have sand grains too, so I googled this issue and found that they consist of sands, but I am... more


speed of the wind

Against the wind a commercial airline in South America flew 510miles in 3hours. With a tailwind the return trip took 2.5hours. What was the speed of the plane in still? air? What was the speed of... more


speed of the wind

Against the wind a small plane flew 280 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. The return trip took only 50 minutes. What was the speed of the? wind? What was the speed of the plane in still? air?

A wind farm produces 1 GWh of electricity per week from 31 x 1MW wind turbines.

 Calculate the capacity factor of the wind farm. Express your answer as a percentage.

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