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What determines how fast clouds move?

Do cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere move faster than cumulus and stratus clouds in the lower atmosphere? What about clouds associated with extratropical systems, compared with clouds in the... more

Synoptic weather predictibility under climate change scenarios?

Under climate change scenarios, it is quite certain that high latitude regions will experience more warming than at low latitudes. For example, in winter the reduced area of sea ice and snow cover... more


Are there any quantities defined analogically to the virtual temperature, but for other gases?

The [virtual temperature](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_temperature) is a pseudo-temperature taking into account water vapour in the atmosphere in such a way, that the resulting quantity... more

Why are there different vertical gradients of temperature in different layers of the atmosphere?

The temperature of the troposphere decreases with altitude whereas it is opposite in the stratosphere and again fluctuates. Why is this so?


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. How does this work?

Radioactive rocks can release a gas called radon when they decay, which can build up in the basements of buildings with serious effects on people's health. Does anybody have information on how... more


What does the notation "kg kg-1" for units mean for specific humidity?

I am using a data set from Justin Sheffield at Princeton that includes specific humidity. The description is as follows: >"Reanalysis 6-hourly specific humidity interpolated to 1.0deg with... more


What is the cause of the jet streams?

Jet streams are fast-flowing currents of air in our earth's atmosphere. An enormous amount of energy is necessary to keep a jet stream going. Where does this come from and why?


Is the impact of carbon emision dependent on the location on the earth?

While I was reading how the EU taxes aviation companies based on carbon emissions it occurred to me that the effect of carbon emissions on global temperature etc. may depend on where the carbon is... more
Atmosphere Chemistry Density


what is the density of atmosphere assuming that O2 : 21% and N2 : 79%

I just can't seem to work this out, and I was thinking whether I use the ideal gas law, and find the empirical formula, but again, I have no idea.


Why do rocks on other solar system bodies that have an atmosphere seem to be flat?

Images taken by landers on Titan and Venus and Mars show landscapes where rocks, to me at least, are surprisingly flat. Being used to walking around in forests with roundish meter sized boulders,... more


How to tell if a single day of weather is an anomaly or due to climate change?

I am interested in understanding how to tell if a single day of 'abnormal' weather is due to climate change or not. From my understanding, you would compare this day's weather to historical... more


What is atmospheric pressure in torr? Convert this pressure to atmospheres (atm). Show Work

The atmosphere supports a column of mercury that is 748 mm in height. What is atmospheric pressure in torr? Convert this pressure to atmospheres (atm). Show Work

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