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What 2 general steps follow the reception of a signalling molecule (ligand)?

I don’t know if this is useful, but the question said: nerve growth factor is a water-soluble signalling molecule.


Where does my drinking water come from? Is it safe to drink?

Water Geology Rocks Mud


What Is A Word For The Outer Ring Of A Lake That Is Drying Up?

Once water levels drop in a lake or pond, there is a ring of exposed mud, or rock, almost like a beach surface that appears. What is the name of this?

Solubility equilibrium - Review question help!

The solubility of ZnCO3 in water is quite low. What could you add to increase the solubility? Explain how your method works in detail.
Water Film Ocean Movie


What movie has a scene with a woman slowing going into the ocean/sea from the beach and then diving into the water?

I really need this kind of scene for one of my school projects, but searched everywhere and not able to find it...Though I clearly remember seeing something similar in a movie. Can anyone help,... more


Generally speaking, the percentage of water in most organisms is best described as...

Between 20% and 30%.Precisely 35%.    Between 40 and 50%.Above 60%.


The specific heat of water is relatively high. This means that...

It takes a relatively small amount of energy to change its temperature.It tends to stabilize the temperatures of nearby land.It tends to destabilize the temperatures of nearby land, subjecting it... more
Water Biology


What could be the possible consequence if Water Hyacinth grows too quickly in a pond?

A. Plants like Lotus and Lily would grow rapidly and will eventually increase in numberB. Plants like Hydrilla and Tape Grass would not grow and will eventually die.C. Plants like Wolfia and Pistia... more
Water Physics Forces


When displacement isn't possible?

Stop me if i'm wrong but displacement is, for example, when you enter a bathtub the water level rises around you. What happens when displacement isnt possible? I'll give an example. I have two... more


Sandstone getting soaked with water?

I have seen someone putting a sandstone in water. With only about 10% of the stone sitting in the water. One could see the stone getting soaked with water. So there must be a force, which lets the... more

Water on Mars and Earth?

If water on Earth came from meteorites, why doesn't Mars have substantial water? What made it more highly probable on Earth than on Mars?

What keeps water from sinking into earth?

I remember reading somewhere that there's evidence of water on Mars but it all sank into the Martian soil. So what prevents that happening on earth? Some people say it's because the crust is not... more

Is swimming a good way to build up muscles?

What would you say water is?



Solve. A bucket has 21 liters of water in it when it is three fifths full. How much can it​ hold?

Please answer the question because i'm desperate

Question about ammonia and nitrogen for a small experiment

Hello! I am trying to set up a small experiment for my class but I am stuck on a problem. We have three saltwater tanks, with the following measurements: The first tank will have a pH of 7.5, an... more


how to calculat temporary hardness water and permanent hardness of water and total hardness and normality can anyone help me to find solution

how to find hardness of water and normality in calculation

Help me with this. My answer is not coming

The values of Ksp of CaCO3 and CaC2O4 are 4.7 × 10–9 and 1.3 × 10–9 respectively at 25°C. If the mixture of these two is washed with water, what is the concentration of Ca2+ ions in water?

Which one is the correct answer for it?

A typical residential hot water system that uses approximately 10 kWh(e)/d is replaced with an electricity-boosted solar hot water system that uses an average of 170 watts (W) of electrical power.... more

Estimate the amount of solid 1 second later

Let f(t) be the weight (in grams) of a solid sitting in a beaker of water after t minutes have elapsed. Suppose that the solid dissolves in such a way that the rate of change (in grams/minute) of... more


Why isn't water flammable?

Fish don't breath water, they breathe dissovled oxygen that is in the water. Because pure oxygen is quite flammable, and pure oxygen is dissolved in water, why isn't water flammable? I'm sorry this... more

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