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Concentration Chemistry Equilibrium


Equilibrium Chemistry problem

Consider the following equilibrium reaction in a closed gas container with a constant volume: (= is the arrow that goes both ways) H2(g)+I2(g)=2HI(g) At some point, an amount of deuterium gas (D2)... more
Concentration Science Chemistry Titration


What is the concentration of the NaOH solution?

Suppose you are standardizing a sodium hydroxide solution with KHP (molar mass=204.2 g/mol) according to the equation:KHP+NaOH⟶H2O+NaKPYou prepare the standard solution from 0.299 g of KHP in 250.0... more


What are some ways that companies are speeding up reactions?

I know that there could increase concentration/pressure and increase the temperature. But the question was asking for examples of ways companies speed up reactions, so I'm guessing real life examples. more


Standard solution, working out concentration

Hi,So In a practical I used 325mg of a solvent and I dissolved this in water to make it up to 25ml.Now I have to work out the exact concentration of my ''stock'' solution in mg/l is it 0.013... more
Concentration Science Chemistry


How many grams of NaCl are required to make 500.0 mL of a 0.25 M NaCl standard solution?

A. 7,250 g NaClB. 2.2 g NaCl C. 7.3 g NaCl D. 0.0021


General Chemistry 2 concentration dilution problem

3. A 4.50 *10^-2 M solution is used to prepare a series of five 100.0 mL solutions of varying concentration for use in creating a calibration curve for a spectrophotometric experiment. Determine... more
Concentration Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Using mole ratio to determine concentration of a reactant?

S2O82- + 2 I- --> 2 SO42- + I2   (reaction 1)       [I-]=0.20M, [S2O82-]=0.10M      2 S2O32- + I2 --> S4O62- + 2 I-  (reaction 2)      [S2O32-]= 0.0050M   I need to determine the... more

What is the concentration of each gas once equilibrium is reached?

Can someone please let me know if I did this right?    1.800 mole of N2O4(g) is injected into a closed 1.00L container. Kc=4.66 x 10-3 at 298K   N2O4 (g) ⇌ 2NO2 (g)   what is the... more


Is the reaction rate dependent on the concentration of the excess reagent?

If a higher concentration means a higher rate of reaction because of more collisions, then does the reaction rate depend on the concentration of the excess reagent? 
Concentration Total Volume Remains


You place 2.80 g of phosphoric acid (H3PO4) into 150.0ml of a 1.00M sodium hydroxide solution. If the total volume remains constant, determine the following

(Hint: this is an acid base reaction)   1. the concentration of sodium ion at the completion of the reaction____ 2. the concentration of phosphate ion at the completion of the reaction____ 3.... more
Concentration Chemistry Moles Solutions


Do moles change with volume?

Does increasing or decreasing volume change the moles in a solution, or does that just affect the concentration?   If I have 0.035711 moles in 100mL and I'm asked how many moles in 5mL of this... more

Relative error to absolute error?

I'm asked to use the relative error to find the absolute error of [Na2S2O3]I've calculated these amounts in previous questions:[Na2S2O3] = 0.01001MRelative error: 0.3%is there other information I... more
Concentration Chemistry Chem Chemistry Lab


Whats the correct way to approach this concentration question?

Part I. Preparation of a Fe(III)-oxalate complex: (4 pts) a) Recorded mass of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2●6H2O used: 1.3807 (g) b) pH paper color upon addition of oxalic acid: Magenta c) Does this color... more

chemistry help

Calculate the emf of the voltaic cell: Concentration of Mg+2 (anode)  is 0.00100 M and Fe+3 (cathode) is 0.100 M   unsure how to find this


Changing Concentration

If 25 ml of creatinine (c4h7n3o) stock standard (conc= 1.0 g/dl) are diluted to 100ml to make an intermediate standard and then 15ml of the intermediate are diluted to 300ml to make a working... more


What will be the value of this concentration expressed in mol∙dm−3?

The concentration of H2SO4 in a certain solution is 1.23×10-2 mol∙cm-3
Concentration Math Chemistry Physics


Question about Molarity. Please help me, Urgent.

How much water should be added to 10.0 mL of 6.00M HCl to prepare a 0.500M HCL solution?
Concentration Chemistry Molarity


Concentration of Stock

the concentration of stock solution X is 3.6 x 10^-3 M. The concentration of stock solution Y is .15M. If 4.0 mL of X is mixed with 6.0 mL of Y , what is the new concentrations of X and Y?


How many moles of NaCl are in 255 g of a 1.24 m NaCl solution?

If you could work me through the steps, that'd be great. Thanks


What formula would I use?

100 gallon tank of coolant is 3percent concentrated.how do i figure out how many gallons of concentrate to add to achieve a concentration level of 8 percent in this 100 gallon tank.
Concentration Science Biology Chemistry


How much 1M HCl should I add to 100 mL H2O to lower its pH by 1?

It's for a Biology project- I need to have different pH of solutions, with my base point being water with a pH of 7, and then increments down to a pH of 3. I don't know how much HCl to add for each... more
Concentration Chemistry Water Calcium


Help me with this. My answer is not coming

The values of Ksp of CaCO3 and CaC2O4 are 4.7 × 10–9 and 1.3 × 10–9 respectively at 25°C. If the mixture of these two is washed with water, what is the concentration of Ca2+ ions in water?
Concentration Chemistry


Chemistry/ Concentration

A sample of Potassium hydrogen oxalate, KHC2O4, with a mass of 0.832 grams was dissolved in water and titrated with 25.80 mL of a sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the molarity of the sodium... more
Concentration Algebra 1 Chemistry Algebra


How many liter of each solution must be mixed?

A chemist has two solutions of HNO3. One has a? 40% concentration and the other has a? 25% concentration.How many liters of each solution must be mixed to obtain 84 liters of a 35?% ?solution?

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