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Systems Of Equation Substitution Substitution


3x-2y=-7. Y=x+4

Use substitution to solve the system of equations 
Systems Of Equation Substitution


-4x+y=6, -5x-y=21

solving systems of equations by substitution and we are stuck


If the total interest earned in one year is $4170,how much was invested at each rate?

A woman invests a sum of money at 6% and 3000 more than this 9%.


If the total value of the mixture is $28,how many pounds of each are there?

a merchant mixes some candy worth $3.50 per pound with cheap stuff worth $1.00 per pound. There are 10 more pounds of cheap stuff than the more expensive candy.
Systems Of Equation Substitution Algebra 1 Linear Equations Word Problems


A department store worker can earn $500 per month plus a 4% commission on their total sales, or $400 a month plus a commission on total sales.

Kenisha sells athletic shoes part-time at department store. She can earn either $500 per month plus a 4% commission on her total sales, or $400 a month plus a 5% commission on total sales. Write a... more


Systems Of Equations Word Problem

A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. The traveler must walk back on the walkway to get a bag he forgot. The traveler's ground speed against the walkway is 3ft/s and 7ft/s with... more
Systems Of Equation Substitution Word Problem Equations Word Problems


Help with this word problem please

A chef is using a mixture of two brands of Italian dressing. The first brand contains 5% vinegar, and the second brand contains 15% vinegar. The chef wants to make 390 milliliters of a dressing... more


What is the total number of adults and total number of children in the group?

A group of 148 people is spending five days at a summer camp. The cook ordered 12 pounds of food for each adult and 9 pounds of food for each child. A total of 1,410 pounds of food was ordered.
Systems Of Equation Substitution System Of Equations


casey has $7 less than David. Together they have $97. How much money does Casey have?

i need help with this word problem. I do not know how to do it


Dan buys 2 large popcorns and 4 small drinks fot $22. Tom buys 3 large popcorns and 2 small drinks for $21. Find the cost of each

This is a algebra 2 word problem for solving systems
Systems Of Equation Substitution Substitution Method System Of Equations


The value of your EFG stock is three times the value of your PQR stock. If the total value of the stocks is $4500, how much is invested in each company?

The equations that are first gotten should be 2 equations for a system. If the work could use the substitution method, that'd be great. Thanks!
Systems Of Equation Substitution Systems Of Equations By Elimination


3y+x+5=3 can you help me solve this?

3y+x+5=3   I don't know how to do this, and I was wondering if you could help me step by step. 
Systems Of Equation Substitution


-2x + 4y = 12, 5x - 2y= 10

Systems help... 
Systems Of Equation Substitution


solving systems of equations by substitution: 4x+3y=2 3x-2y=10

Please help me I can't solve this.
Systems Of Equation Substitution


whats the answer to x+y=70 over x-y=24 in systems of equations substatutional

its the systems of equation except its the substitutional method

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