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Finding the rate of change of the surface area of a cube given volume

the volume V of a cube increases at a rate of 4 cm3sec-1. Find the rate of change of the surface area of the cube at the instant when the volume of the cube is 8 cm3.


MS Outlook problems

I use Office 365, and I have had many problems with Outlook email and contact functions. Most immediate is unable to send email to one contact. As soon as I put that contact into the TO field, It... more
Applications Math Fractions


I cannot understand this question and I need an answer

If 28 people, or 13% of those surveyed, responded yes in a survey, how many people were surveyed in total


Functions with Asymptotes and their applications

For the function f(x)=2-x calculate the following function values:f(1) =f(2) =


What are some applications of elementary linear algebra outside of math?

I'm TAing linear algebra next quarter, and it strikes me that I only know one example of an application I can present to my students. I'm looking for applications of elementary linear algebra... more
Applications Calculus Limits Analysis


What is a simple example of a limit in the real world?

This morning, I read Wikipedia's informal definition of a limit: > Informally, a function f assigns an output $f(x)$ to every input $x$. The > function has a limit $L$ at an input $p$ if... more


Quadratic Eduation

The length of each side of a square is 3 in. more than the length of each side of a smaller square. The sum of the areas of the squares is 549^2 in^2. Find the lengths of the sides of the two squares. more


The difference of two times a number and eight is zero. Find the number

I need help solving this problem 
Applications Substitution Method


how much does he have in each account if he earned a total of $1,230 in interest in 1 year?

Mr. Wilson invested money in two accounts. His total investment was $30,000. If one account pays 6% in interest and the other pays 3% in interest, how much does he have in each account if he earned... more
Applications Uniform Motion


Application with uniform motion

Darren drives to school in rush hour traffic and averages 32 mph. He returns home in mid-afternoon when there is less traffic and averages 48 mph. What is the distance between his home and school... more
Applications Uniform Motion



Two passengers leave the airport at Kansas City, Missouri. One flies to Los Angeles, California, in 3.4 hr and the other flies in the opposite direction to New York City in 2.4 hr. With prevailing... more


What is the length of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 40 meters and width of 8 meters

rectangle that has a perimeter of 40 m and width of 8 m 


The sum of two numbers is 49. The sum of the smaller and 2 times the larger is 83. Find the numbers.

What does the second portion of the question translate to? I am having a hard time determining where the variables need to go 


One number is nine times a first number I third number is 100 more than the first number if the sum of the three numbers is 1079 fine the numbers

One number is nine times a first number I third number is 100 more than the first number if the sum of the three numbers is 1079 fine the numbers


Polynomial division application question

The remainder when (3x3 - 6x2 + ax - 1) is divided by x-3 is the equal to the remainder obtained when the expression is divided by x + 1. Find the value of a.     


The perimeter of a rectangle is 24 ft. Length is 4 ft longer than width. Let x be length and y be width.

Write the first equation- 2x+2y=??   Write the second equation- x=y+??   What is the length ??   What is the width ??

What is an alternative form of measuring angles?

compare it with the degree measure and include the origin, applications, benefits or drawbacks.


A woman owns a small, cash-only business in a state that requires her to charge 6% sales tax on each item she sells. At the beginning of the day, she has

$270 in the cash register. At the end of the day, she has $1,224.00 in the register. How much money should she send to the state government for the sales tax she collected?


A woman has a total of $13,000 to invest. She invests part of the money in an account that pays 7% per year and the rest in an account that pays 10% per year

. If the interest earned in the first year is $1000, how much did she invest in each account?

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