Davis R.

asked • 04/21/20

Two Population Means

At a recent faculty meeting, we were wondering if freshmen have more free time than seniors. We took a sample of 25 freshmen and 23 seniors. Each student was asked to record the amount of free time he or she had in a typical week. The mean for the freshmen was found to be 29 hours of free time per week with a standard deviation of 7.0 hours. For the seniors, the mean was 22 hours of free time per week with a standard deviation of 6.2 hours. Assume that the two populations are normally distributed with equal but unknown population standard deviations. Test at a 5% significance level whether the two-population means are different.

If This Problem Calls for: Use Test Statistic Use Degrees of Freedom
Pooled Variance Test 3.897 Calculate your own
Separate Variance Test 3.655 46
Paired Samples Test 2.546 Calculate your own
Chi-squared Test Calculate your own Calculate your own

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