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Null Hypothesis Testing Statistcs Null And Alternate Hypotheses


rejection region: null hypothesis

Lodging Cost. A travel association claims that the mean daily lodging cost for two adults traveling together on vacation in San Francisco is at least $240. A random sample of 24 such groups of... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Math Maths Math Help


hypothesis testing question?

"The U.S. Postal Service advertises that at least 63.4% of all third class mail is read by the recipients. An environmental group, concerned about waste production wants to test this assertion.... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Probability


Combining probability and hypothesis testing (I don’t know why)

Textbook says it’s C, but I think it’s A:To determine the reliability of experts who interpret lie detector tests in criminal investigation, a random sample of 280 such cases was studied. The... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


hypothesis testing

The following data are the oxygen uptakes (milliliters) during incubation of a random sample of 15 cell suspensions. these data provide... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


The average height of an NBA player

The average height of an NBA player is 6.698 feet random sample of 30 players height from a major college basketball program find the mean height what is 6.75 feet with a standard deviation of 5.5... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Question Population Vs. Sample


been stuck with this stats problem for an Hour!!

Top sales executives, Alissa and Emilia came up with kiwi passion fruit cookie company. The machine fills each package cookies so that they have an average weight of 32 ounces with a variance of... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Question


Hypothesis testing

Alondra , Lídia Co creators of quiadas inc claim that their facial blend will keep woman’s skin and healthy for at least 65 days. Alex ,advocate tested 15 bottles and found a mean of 63 days with a... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Statistics Question


hypothesis testing

what unit of measure does the test statistic measure?
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics


hypothesis testing

A washing machine manufacturer says that 90% of its washers last five years before repairs are necessary. A random sample of 100 washers showed that 79 of them lasted five years before they needed... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


Write down the null and alternative hypotheses that are being tested. Ho: Ha:

It has been reported that the average credit card debt for college seniors is $3258. The student senate at a university in a large city feels that their seniors have a debt greater than this, so it... more


Compute the corresponding z-value for the following situation:

A newspaper claims that 52% of voters will vote for a particular candidate in an upcoming election. A random survey of 1000 voters shows that 48% will vote for that candidate, with a standard... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics


Can someone explain to me why I got this wrong?

Can someone explain to me how I got this question wrong?True/False. It is easier to reject the null hypothesis if the researcher uses a smaller alpha(a) level?I said False As alpha decreases, the... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics


help please!!

In a study of proctored and non-proctored tests in an online course, researches obtained the data below: Group 1 (Proctored): ?? = 30, ??¯ = 74.30, ?? = 12.87 Group 2 (Non-proctored): ?? = 32, ??¯... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Standard Deviation


Null Hypothesis

Previously, an organization reported that teenagers spent 4.5 hours per week, on average, on the phone. The organization thinks that, currently, the mean is higher. Fifteen randomly chosen... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Ttest


Was the null hypothesis for the first value of t rejected? Explain.

Empathy subscale   Perspective-talking: Men: Mean 17.89 Standard Deviation 3.64 Women: Mean 18.37 Standard Deviation 3.52 df: 652 t: 1.75
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Question


Statistics: Given H0: µ = 18 and p-value = 0.070.

Given H0: μ ≥ 18 and p-value = 0.070. Do you reject or do not reject H0 at the 0.05 level of significance?     A.not enough information to decide    B.do not reject H0   C. reject... more


Test significance of the correlation between the General Weighted Average and the daily allowance of junior students at ? =0.05.

GWA of Junior Students (Non-Working)/ Daily Allowance1.9 /1502.3/ 1202.2 /1102.9 /1001.4/ 1002.4 /1001.7/ 1002.4 /1002.1 /1002 /802.4 /802 /801.2/ 753.2 /752.4 /702.5 /701.1 /701.3 /702.8 /702.8... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


Test Statistics and P-value

Among n babies born in a certain city, 51% were boys. Suppose we want to test the hypothesis that the true probability of a boy is 1/2. Conduct the appropriate test for this situation, using a... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics Question Z Score


College Statistics problem help

A weight loss center provided a loss for 72% of its participants.  The center’s leader decides to test a new weight loss strategy on a random sample size of 140 and found weight loss in 78% of the... more


Statistics question. Null, alternative hypothesis

You are studying what proportion of SU students smoke.  The null hypothesis is p = 0.27, and the alternative hypothesis is p > 0.27.  Your study obtains a p-value of 0.001.  Using a significance... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


state hypothesis and null hypothesis

you are testing the claim of "the big cookie" company that it puts 20 chocolate chips in its big cookies. Many consumers have complained that they have been short changed. Test the claim from the... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics


Write the two hypotheses and find the pvalue.

1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a survey of randomly selected Americans age 65 and older, which found that 535 of 1068 women and 421 of 1012 men suffered from some form... more
Null Hypothesis Testing


What is the null hypothesis?

1. The Coca-Cola company wants to evaluate how consumers will respond to a newly developed energy drink. The key question is whether consumer’s preference for the drink depends on the amount of... more
Null Hypothesis Testing Statistics


Null and alternative hypotheses set up

In a survey of 1120 new college graduates 281 had a professional job on graduation day. One year ago the proportion of graduates with a professional job on graduation day was 24%. The setup of the... more

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