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Are US jobs data really weak?

The US economy created 194K jobs in September, well below the 490K-500K expected. Furthermore, employment estimates from ADP and weekly jobless claims set up even stronger data, highlighting the... more


How do you calculate the confidence intervals for a population mean with only the sample mean and sample standard deviation?

I have a random sample and need to calculate the 95% confidence interval for the population mean(sample mean = 1076sample standard deviation = 80.61sample size is n=5)


The labor productivity

An employee produces 15 parts during a in which he made $90 what is the labor productivity? a) $1350b) $90c)$0.167d)$5e)$6

Number of hours

A small metal shop operates 10 hours each day, producing 100 parts/hour . If productivity were increased 20 how many hours would the plant have to work to produce 1000 parts? A) less than 2 hours... more
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Econometric class / stats question

A foreign auto manufacturer claims that its sport car(selling for $60,000) gets, on average at least 30 mi./gal. Totest this claim, the Consumer Protection Agency hires the G&LResearch Lab to... more


What is the present worth of the depreciation tax held?

Company A purchases $200,000 of equipment in year zero. It decides to use straight-line depreciation over the expected 20 years life of the equipment. The interest rate is 14%. If its average tax... more


Answer true or false, with a brief explanation.

Answer true or false, with a brief explanation.1. Monopolies are always bad for consumers.2. The supply curve of a monopolist is upward sloping.3. Monopolies charge the highest price a consumer is... more


Finding the New Level of Quantity Demanded

Consider the following hypothetical market. The equilibrium price is $10 and the equilibrium quantity is 20 units. The own-price elasticity of demand is -0.5 and the own-price elasticity of supply... more


Econometrics questions help

1. For two generic random variables Zi and Wi the Law of Iterated Expectations (LIE) says that:E[Wi] = EZ [E[Wi|Zi]] E[Zi] = EW [E[Zi|Wi]]You are given the following regression model:Yi = β0 + β1Xi... more
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ARIMA model, tools, diagnostic problem

Describe the diagnostic tools you would use to determine if your model is appropriate! What can we learn from these tools? Why do we care? Which tests are used to detect the diagnostic... more
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What type of AR/MA model is this equation?

The model is yt = αyt-1 + et, where et =ρet-1 + ut and ut is white noise. What type of AR/MA process is this? I think its AR(2) but I am not sure...


How many two-way interaction terms can be included in a regression model and are there any necessary considerations which apply in interpretation?

A model which looks like this Y=b0+X1+X2+X3+X4+(X1*X2)+(X1*X3)+(X1*X4) is X1 was a dummy variable = female.


The price elasticity of demand for medical devices is about -0.25 to -.30.

The price elasticity of demand for medical devices is about -0.25 to -.30. Suppose you were an economist for the medical device industry. How could you use this information to help forecast... more


For the demand equation, P = 2,000 – 2Q, answer the following:

For the demand equation, P = 2,000 – 2Q, answer the following:a. What is the vertical intercept? b. What is the horizontal intercept? Must show calculations. c. What is the slope?


Price asymmetry: Creating impulse response functions

Hi,I am currently doing my Masters of Economics thesis. It is based on price asymmetry.See below detail on the issues, I have also attached the pdf of the impulse response functions that I am... more
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math and economics

The demand function is p = 100/q and an increase in price reduces quantity demanded from q = 10 to q = 5. Compute the lost consumer surplus (CS). First draw a diagram that illustrates the lost CS.... more
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math and economics

1. Two persons have the utility functions, 𝑈𝐴 = 𝑥𝐴𝑦𝐴 and 𝑈𝐵 = 𝑥𝐵𝑦𝐵. Let the initial endowments be 𝑥𝐴̅ = 90, 𝑦̅𝐴 = 35, 𝑥̅𝐵 = 30, 𝑦̅𝐵 = 25, so the total quantities available are 𝑥̅= 90 + 30 = 120 and... more
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Statistic Question for Econometrics

Hi! I am working on an econometrics midterm review, and I had a question. If I have to do a mean left tail hypothesis testing and build the confidence interval at 95%, would the confidence interval... more
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Chi Square Test.

A quality control manager regularly samples 20 items from a production line and records the number of defective items x. The results of 100 such samples are given in Table 1 below.x: 0, 1, 2 ,3, 4... more


What is a good explanation of “econometrics”?



How does the interpretation of a log-log model differ from a level-level model?



What is the difference between macroeconometrics and microeconometrics?

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