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Express the original claim in symbolic form. Identify the null and alternative hypotheses

the mean weight of beauty pageants winners is 107 pounds. A study of 18 randomly selected beauty pageants resulted in a mean winner of 108 pounds

In a regression anaylsis, if r2 = 1, which of the following are implied? a ) SSE = SST b) SSE = 1 c) SSR = SSE d) SSR = SST

A question regarding regression analysis in statistics

Type I and II error with small sample size?

Let X ∼ P(λ). We want to test the null hypothesis that λ = 15, and thealternative hypothesis is that λ > 15. Our sample size for this test is equal to 1. (a) We will reject the null hypothesis... more

A fair die is rolled 12 times. Consider the following three possible outcomes:

(i) 5 2 6 3 2 1 4 1 6 5 3 4(ii) 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6(iii) 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6Which of the following is true? (i) is more likely than (ii) or (iii). (ii) is more likely than (iii). The three... more


help me give me the answers of 4 major components of statistics.

I have a question about hypothesis testing with two population mean.

Hi,I have a question about hypothesis testing with two population mean. I have two populations (GPA and expected salary). Also, my research question is: Are the students with high average GPA... more


I have a question and I'm being asked to specify which test to use and then conduct it. However, the data given is non-numeric. the question statement is "males and females differ in whether or not... more

Find the probability and interpret the results.

Find the probability and interpret the results.The population mean annual salary for environmental compliance specialists is about $60,000. A random sample of 40 specialists is drawn from this... more

Find the indicated probability using the standard normal distribution. ​P(0<z<0.525​)?

Find the indicated probability using the standard normal distribution. P(0<z<0.525)?  

Find the​ z-scores for which 3​% of the​ distribution's area lies between −z and z.?

Find the z-scores for which 3% of the distribution's area lies between −z and z.?  

victims recently exposed to radiation are 5.5, 6.2, and 4.8. Based on this observed data a 95% Confidence Interval for μ computed to two decimal places is

Post-exposure radiation levels are approximately Normally distributed with mean μ. The levels (in Sv) of a random sample of three trauma victims who were recently exposed to radiation are 5.5, 6.2,... more

How to set up this stats problem

What is the probability a random sample of size 20 will have a mean gestation period within 11 days of the mean? σ=13 μ=197

The probability that an individual has 20-20 vision is 0.1 in a class of 77 students, what is the probability of finding five people with 20-20 vison

I need help answering this question.  A)0.065 B)0.000 C)0.1 D)0.100

scores on a SAT - statistics

Scores on a SAT form a normal distribution of µ = 500 and σ = 100   1) What is the minimum score necessary to be in the top 20% of the SAT distribution?   2) find the range of value that... more

Binomial stats problem help

A poll reported that 63% of adults were satisfied with the job the major airlines were doing. Suppose 15 adults are selected at random and the number who are satisfied is recorded.-Would it be... more

been stuck with this stats problem for an Hour!!

Top sales executives, Alissa and Emilia came up with kiwi passion fruit cookie company. The machine fills each package cookies so that they have an average weight of 32 ounces with a variance of... more

Hypothesis testing

Alondra , Lídia Co creators of quiadas inc claim that their facial blend will keep woman’s skin and healthy for at least 65 days. Alex ,advocate tested 15 bottles and found a mean of 63 days with a... more

52% of voters voted for Barack Obama. If a sample of 100 voters were polled, would it be unusual if less than 40% of them had voted for Barack Obama

I've been trying to remember how to solve this but I can't find it in my notes please help

Statistics question.

I'm having a bit of trouble with this question. So I know that I need to find the z-score, but after that i'm not sure how to fer the exact percentage? I know the formulas for the z-score and... more


A statistics professor plans classes so carefully that the lengths of her classes are uniformly distributed between 49.0 and 54.0 minutes. Find the probability that a given class period runs... more
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