Elysia E.

asked • 06/08/21

P(A) = 0.5, P(B) = 0.5, and P(AandB) = 0.05. P(not B ∣ A)= ?

I've attempted this by doing A-B and dividing that answer by A as told, and got it wrong. I did this with a venn diagram and went by a video supplied below the question, and still come up wrong.

I received 9/10 as my answer, it was wrong.

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Brent K. answered • 06/08/21

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Applied Math PhD

Elysia E.

I did exactly this and received 9/10 or .90. It wanted 0.88888888888889 (as given by a key icon beside the answer box in myopenmath). The numbers were copy pasted directly from the question.


Brent K.

I would suspect a bug in the homework software, unless we are all overlooking something (which is always possible!). See Tom K.'s answer as well for a slightly different approach


Ghazal S.

Cool thanks


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