Junal R.

asked • 09/23/18

which of the following would be the mean of this data set 5,17,22,56,4,2,33,21

A. 16.90
B. 20.00
C. 18.06
D. 19.00

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Mark B. answered • 09/23/18

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Mark B.


Please note: I originally had used π to represent the mean, due to the special character list not having the symbol of x bar which is used to represent the mean. This was incorrect on my behalf due to that symbol representing pie. Often statistics texts will use M to represent the mean, however, since it is clear you are near the beginning of your class, I personally find that using adds confusion, due to the symbol of median in statistics frequently using that symbol. 

I have corrected the answer by typing the words x bar which is merely an x with a line across the top of the x indicating mean. My apologies for causing you any confusion, and I honestly do not know why I had used that symbol when showing you the answer and process of arriving at that particular answer to your question. Many thanks in advance. 



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