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Confidence Interval Statistics


If n=330 and p' (p-prime) = 0.05, construct a 95% confidence interval.

If n=330 and p' (p-prime) = 0.05, construct a 95% confidence interval.Give your answers to three decimals.?<p<?
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Can you interpret a confidence interval without knowing the population mean?

If we don't know the population mean, could we still make a precise interpretation of the confidence interval? For example, would we still be able to say that there is a 90% chance that the... more
Confidence Interval Statistics Two Samples


Constructing a confidence interval btwn two groups

A survey is conducted of whether or not flu vaccinations should be mandatory. 141 out of 210 randomly polled civilians under the age of 30 were in agreement that flu vaccines should be mandatory.... more
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Statistics with confidence intervals

A random sample of 80 college students was asked, “How many hours do you study each week?” After gathering the data, the sample has a mean of 14 hours and a standard deviation of 2.8 hours.... more
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The answer is 502.4 ml. How to get the answer?

A company making cans for lemonade wishes to print ‘Average content x ml’ on their cans, and to be 99% confident that the true mean volume is greater than x ml. The volume of lemonade in a can is... more
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Statistics Confidence Interval

In a randomized comparative experiment on the effect of dietary calcium on blood pressure, researchers divided 48 healthy white males at random into two groups. One group received calcium; the... more
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Statistics Confidence Interval

Europeans have been more skeptical than Americans about the use of genetic engineering to improve foods. A sample survey gathered responses from random samples of 862 Americans and 12083 Europeans.... more
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Statistics homework HELP

Sleeping outlier: A simple random sample of eight college freshmen were asked how many hours of sleep they typically got per night. The results... more
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What is the 95 % conference interval for the average distance traveled to work by all employees?

A study of 13 employees found that the average distance they traveled to work was 14.3 miles. The standard deviation of the sample was 2 miles.
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Confidence interval

study of the ages of motorcyclists killed in crashes involves the random selection of 139 drivers with a mean of 35.31 years. Assuming that σ=10.1 ​years, construct and interpret a 99​% ... more

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