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Statistics Question


Percentages and probabilities

A retail shop accepts only cash or checks. Suppose that % of its customers carry cash, % carry checks, and % carry cash or checks (or both). What is the probability that a randomly chosen customer... more
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statistics homework question

The mean weight of a sample of 201 pigs is 6.7 pounds with a population standard deviation of 1.6 pounds. Construct a 90% confident interval for the true mean of all pigs. Write a sentence... more


Homework Help really struggling

Question 6    Which of the following is NOT TRUE concerning the graphic depiction ("the curve") of a distribution for means?Question options: A) The curve is skewed to the right.  B) The area under... more
Statistics Question


Probability of an event that is impossible

What is the probability of an event that is impossible? Suppose that a probability is approximated to be zero based on empirical results. Does this mean that the event is impossible?What is the... more
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Is anyone willing to help I have submitted this twice and receive no feedback

A big-brand-name dishwasher, which costs $800.00, has a 20% chance of needing to be replaced in the first 2 years of purchase.  A two-year extended warranty costs $112.10 on a dishwasher.  What is... more
Statistics Question


The Empirical Rule

The Empirical Rule indicates that we can expect to find what proportion of the sample included between ± 1 standard deviation?
Statistics Question


formula difference

What differentiates the two formulasΣ (x – xbar)^2/n-1 from Σ (x – µ)^2/n,and why the difference?
Statistics Question


Median price rather than the Mean

houses prices are usually reported as the Median price rather than the Mean (average) price. Why would this be true for a set of prices like: $120,000; $125,000; $110,000; $199,000; $100,000?
Statistics Question


what is the probability in a given month

Assume that cases of mumps are random and independent and the number X of monthly mumps cases in Michigan has approximately the Poisson distribution with  = 0.2.  What is the probability that in a... more
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Stat could someone please help with this urgent

What is an example of when you would want consistent data and, therefore, a small standard deviation?Example: Race-car DriverSmall Standard Deviation: Understanding RPM and when to change gearsThe... more
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How to calculate percent from mean and standard deviation

The daily energy intakes of children follow a normal distribution with a mean of 1123 kcal and a standard deviation of 214 kcal. The recommended minimum daily intake is 1700 kcal. What percent of... more
Statistics Question


If a club consists of 18 members how many different arrangements of president vice president and secretary are possible

If a club consists of 18 membees how many different arrangements of president,Vice President, and secretary are possible?
Statistics Question


how many ways can 3 students sit in a row of 21 chairs

how many ways can 3 students sit in a row of 21 chairs for a photograph
Statistics Question


The month of the year is December. What is the type of data is December?

Is it categorical discrete or continuous data
Statistics Question Math Help Standard Deviation


standard deviation

whats the standard deviation of the data set below, Rounding your answer to three decimal places?2, 4, 6, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 18, 18
Statistics Question Probability


how to solve this question

Over a long period of time in a large multinational corporation, 10% of all sales trainees are rated as outstanding, 75% are rated as execellent/good, 10% are rated as satisfactory, and 5% are... more
Statistics Question


mean noise level in 171 randomly selected ward area 58.0 decibelsthe population standard deviation 4.8. Find the 90% confidence interval of the true mean.

i need help with this question and many others and im hoping you can help me thanks
Statistics Question


Need assistancewith the foolowing question.

 The female death rate in Britain in 2009 was 49.3 per 100 000 of population and the male death was 71.2 per 100 000. Given that the population of Britain was 61 113 295, how many more male deaths... more
Statistics Question


Briefly explain the benefits of stratification

this question is based on sampling concepts in survey work
Statistics Question


A probability question

This is a conditional probability question I am struggling to solve and understand. Any insight would be so very useful.  Here is the problem: A five digit number is formed from the digits... more


To find the Mean and Standard Deviation

Total amount of time (x, in minutes) spent commuting by the entire 240 residents of a housing area was recorded.   Given that total x = 10,980 and total ( x - µ )² = 23,191. Compute the mean and... more
Statistics Question


Statistics question

a candidate must win 263 of the total of 523 votes in an electoral college. Let's suppose that the largest region gets 52 votes. Assuming that a candidate wins this region, the number of additional... more
Statistics Question


Assume that x has a normal distribution with the specified mean and standard deviation. Find the indicated probability. (Round your answer to four decimal place

Assume that x has a normal distribution with the specified mean and standard deviation. Find the indicated probability. (Round your answer to four decimal places.) μ = 14.2; σ = 3.2 P(8 ≤ x ≤ 12)... more

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