Arshak G.

asked • 02/27/14

Contesta la pregunta con un mandato usando la forma de ustedes. Usa pronombres en la respuesta. ¿Vamos a poner la cebolla? No, ________ .

conjugations using madnato form but ustedes, spanish 2.

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Donna L. answered • 12/23/14

Melissa P. answered • 03/08/14

Maria M. answered • 09/11/15

Virginia K. answered • 09/14/19

Fatima A. answered • 08/22/19

Jasmine E. answered • 08/07/19

Rolando T. answered • 04/04/19

Caroline L.

En este caso, no es necesario agregar la palabra ustedes porque el verbo (Poner) conjugado; "pongan" ya implica la persona: ustedes. "No, no pongan la cebolla " es correcto.


Caroline L.

Tambien seria correcto decir: No, ustedes no pongan la cebolla


Maria L. answered • 04/16/15

Caroline L.

you can say: No, ustedes no pongan la cebolla


Gladys S. answered • 03/29/14

Maurice D. answered • 06/08/14

Alissa G.

I agree that "echar" is a better verb. But spelled without the H, no?


Caroline L.

Yes, "echar" goes without the H - this word is less formal and it will also depend who are you talking to as far as cultural background and what word is mostly used in that country


Lourdes M.

Echar is a verb that means to throw out, to add on. Hechar is not a verb or infinitive.The word is hecho and is a form/conjugation of the verb Hacer to do; as a noun means fact


Alina R. answered • 04/02/14

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