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Contesta la pregunta con un mandato usando la forma de ustedes. Usa pronombres en la respuesta. ¿Vamos a poner la cebolla? No, ________ .

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8 Answers

No la pongan. (Don't put it.)
No pongan la cebolla. (Don't put the onion.)
Ustedes no van a poner la cebolla. (You all aren't going to add onion.) -This last one is just a statement. The two first ones are commands, the subject is implied so the pronoun isn't necessary.
The question asked for the use of the command/imperative (mandato) form in the answer, and a pronoun. Thus, you should write "No, no la pongan" when addressing Ustedes and replacing "la cebolla" with the pronoun "la."
I agree with Isabel F. However, the verb "poner" should not be used to convey the sentence in question.
"You all aren't going to add onion." In this case the verb "hechar" should be used. 
So, it should be:
No, ustedes no van a hecharle cebolla.
There are two different anwers because of the infinite:
  1. No, no van a ponerla.
  2. No, no la van a poner.
In the answer, the word "cebolla" does not have to appear because in the instructions they said to use pronouns. In this case the Direct Onbject "la" replace "la cebolla"

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