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In what cases are "de" and "para" interchangeable?

For example in these cases "**de**" and "**para**" seem to be interchangeable: > muebles de oficina / muebles para oficina > >juguetes de ninos / juguetes para ninos Are there any... more

What is the rule for cualquier, cualquiera, and cualesquiera?

I remember learning the rule for when to use **cualquier**, **cualquiera**, and **cualesquiera**, but was always confused about the exact differences. When should each be used, and what role do... more

You look good versus "You smell good"?

It is my understanding that "you look good" translates as, "te ves bien" and that you see well (as in, your vision is good) can be said as "tu ves bien." However, saying you smell good and your... more

Difference between "empezar" and "comenzar"?

What is the difference between `empezar` and `comenzar`? Is one more formal than the other?

Is "Que hora es?" or "Que horas son?" preferred?

Admittedly, it has been a *very* long time since I've studied Spanish, but I distinctly recall that we always used "Que hora es?" for "what time is it?". However, on a trip to the Dominican... more

How to say "let's meet" as an invitation to a date?

In English it's simple "let's meet" or "let's meet up". In Spanish, even after having done a research, I can't figure out which one is correct and appropriate for an invitation to a date. 1. nos... more

Lo peor ya ha pasado - Why is "Lo" used?

The sentence translates to `The worse has already passed`. Why is `lo` used instead of `el`? When am I supposed to use one over the other?

Why does "Se habla espanol" translate to "We speak Spanish"?

I see on stores that they have a sign that says `Se habla espanol`. From first glance I would think that it is saying "It speaks Spanish". How is it unambiguous that it is saying "*We* speak... more

Bien vs buen/bueno/buena to describe something good?

I have encountered phrases like these: > La buena comida. > El buen hombre. > Buenos dias. However in none of these instances is it grammatically correct to substitute *bien* even... more

When to use "que" and "de que"?

En ciertas oraciones no se si es mas correcto usar `que` o `de que`. Cuaes son las reglas para utilizar `que`/`de que`? Ejemplos: > Estoy seguro que me fue bien. > > Estoy seguro de que... more

De que color es la camisa? - What is "De" for?

It looks like this sentence can be formed without the "De" so what is it for?

Acordar or recordar? What's the correct use?

Commonly I heard people saying "oye, te acuerdas de esa pelicula?", the same way I heard "oye, recuerdas esa pelicula?". I've always believe that the action of `recuerdo` comes from `recordar`,... more

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