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The letter "k" in Spanish?

The letter "k" is rarely seen in Spanish. What is the origin of Spanish words containing a *k*? Are most recent loanwords from modern languages, influences from older languages (Latin or Greek), or... more


How important are accents in written Spanish?

#EnglishI notice that native Spanish speakers often leave off accents in writing. Outside the context of edited material, it almost seems like accent pedantry is the sign of someone who has... more
Ortografía Spanish Etimología


What's the origin of words ending in the letter "j"?

- What's the origin/etymology of these words? The only one that I know and it is common is `reloj`. - Are there any others recognized by the RAE?


Are there dialectal differences in spelling in Spanish?

In some languages, there are different spelling standards in different major dialects. For example:- **British English / American English** - colour, aluminium / color, aluminum- [**Catalan /... more

What is the difference between: "aquel" and "aquél"?

I see both "aquel" and "aquél" used in similar context and was wondering if there is any difference in meaning of those two words.
Ortografía Spanish Pronunciación


Why is "Enrique" pronunced as though it has a double "r"?

Why is "Enrique", even though its 'r' position is at the middle of a word, pronounced as a double "r"? What are the orthographic rules you need to know to determine if an "r" must be pronounced as... more


When is uppercase used in English but lowercase in Spanish?

There are many cases where English uses capital letters (e.g. January) but Spanish uses lowercase (e.g. *enero*). Grammar or orthography books have long lists of all the cases where capital letters... more


Why is Usted sometimes abbreviated as Vd. instead of Ud.? Is there any difference in usage between the two?

I've noticed that the word Usted can be abbreviated at least 2 ways, the most common of which being Ud. and Vd. to my knowledge. I see how Ud. makes perfect sense, but why is a `V` used instead of... more

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