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Find word making it imperfect or preterite.

Can someone help me identify what words makes it imperfect or preterite? I know which verb it it but not which specific word is making it. Look at example below as difficult to... more


Augmentive and Diminutive SPANISH 202

Study guide for spanish, please help!  Complete the sentences with the diminutive or augmentative that corresponds to the definition in parentheses. Esa computadora portátil costó un ______... more


Write correctly " Lo que sucedia cadaver sabado dependia de lo hicierian los jovenes de la comunidad"

Write this phrase in correct grammar ( Lo que sucedia cada sabado dependia de lo que hicieran los jovenes de la comunidad.)


Yo a ti la palabra correcta. I put estoy which is right and then I put busacandote why it is wrong?

Why it is wrong for busacandote?


I need help rewriting a question using a double object pronoun

¿Me pidieron Jaime y Rosalba el carro?


Conjugation for negative imperative

Escribe este imperativo al negativo : ¡Ve!, ¡Sé bueno!, ¡Dámelos!, ¡Escríbeslas!, ¡Invítame!


Informal Orders and Commands

Your friend is leaving tomorrow on a trip. This is his first time flying, so he would like to know what you suggest he do and not do at the airport and on the plane. Help him by creating commands... more


Spanish II: Gustar & verbs like gustar

Please help me with this assignment for Spanish. I keep getting the wrong answers and I do not know why :(Read each description, and then complete the sentences using the correct indirect object... more


Help translating from English to Spanish

Hello,   My 3rd grader is taking her first spanish course and she was asked for an assignment to write an essay about her summer vacation. Unfortunately, her teacher has not covered all the... more


esta noche _______ tengo que escribir una carta a carmen

I need to fill in the blank with one of these words: le les lo la los or las   I am not understanding this concept at all


The use of "me"

In the sentenceYo quiero que "me" traiga el coche "a mi"Is it possible to add the word "a mi"? or should I just leave out that part?Also, is it grammatically correct to sayYo quiero que me vengas... more


I have to write a 5 sentence Spanish paragraph that will be on the final similar to this topic, can you give me an example paragraph of how it should look?

Parrafo. Tell the story of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. They used to love each other, but now they don't. Use reciprocal reflexive forms of verbs to tell what happened between them. Use stressed... more


Spanish help!!

Answer each question as indicated. 1. ¿Qué comes en la cafetería de tu escuela? (pollo y ensalada) 2. ¿Qué beben tú y tus amigos cuando están en un café? (refrescos) 3. ¿Qué leen ustedes cuando... more


Fueran o Eran

In this sentence:   • Cuando el Titanic se estrelló en el siglo 20, los primeros pasajeros que fueron rescatados eran mujeres y niños.   Now does it end with 'eran mujeres y niños' o 'fueran... more


Margarita: ¡A las cinco y ______! ¿Por qué tan temprano?

Susana: Sí, y también ________ que desayunar a las siete. (1 points)¡Wujuu! Hace ____________ aquí en las aguas tropicales. (1 points)Hola, Susana. _________ Pablo. ¿Qué tal? (1... more

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