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What is the difference between Communist society and Socialist society?

Both of them stated that workers should get freedom and free themselves from capitalism, and overthrow private property..


I do not know how to pay my tutor

I have set up my debt card but i do not know how to pay my tutor.
Russian Literature


Who were some of the Russian iconic poem and book writers?

Russian literature is full of amazing usage of the language. There are a lot of iconic writers who influenced the language, and now their quotes are used all the time. Who were they?


Cancel my current lesson

I need to cancel my current Russian lesson. How do I do this?
Russian Art Korean Sculpture


Want to teach language

Hello, I want to teach Korean and Russian languages as well as art.Please help me to sing in and introduce myself to stuents?Sincerely, Saferi Pan


Russian podcasts

What podcasts or YouTube channels for Russian learners do you recommend?
Russian French German


Wben dk I start to tutor ?

Is Russian alphabet difficult?

It may seem like it. It has 33 letters and some sounds don't exist in English.And the good news... You will be able to read in Russian after just one lesson. Impressive, ha ;)


Wanting to learn Russian..

As a teacher how many hours a week would you recommend to start learning how to speak Russian, with the goal of being "mostly" fluent in 3 months? In terms of conversation? Thank You,Mark


What made lenin and stalin different


Does Russian not have articles because of the declension of (predicative) adjectives?

>"This is not fair!" said the Russian after looking at a map when they realized that they were not at the state fair. I don't remember precisely how the joke goes, but it goes something like... more


Why do we need У in "Ножка у сту́ла сломалась"?

In the sentence "Ножка у сту́ла сломалась" (the chair leg broke), why do we need the у? The genitive case on "стул" already lets you know that it's the *chair's* leg that's broken. More generally,... more


Use of Dative after учить etc?

I've always had trouble figuring out why the dative is used in such constructions: Я учу драконов русскому языку каждый день—вот беда моя! So why is the verb учить followed by an accusative... more


Are there some typical mistakes made by native Georgian speakers when speaking Russian?

I've been living in Georgia for half a year and most of my friends are fluent in Russian.I've been focused on learning Georgian rather than Russian so far. But when I want to learn some Russian... more


What is the grammatical meaning of ")"?

thanks in advance for your answers!I have come across ")" in many Russian written conversations, for example:<<Вид из окна на кухне)>>or<<Посмотри лучше это)>>I have even... more

выходить vs. уходить?

I once asked a native speaker what the difference is between выходить and уходить, and I was told that выходить means to exit in a general direction, while уходить means to exit in a specific... more


A strange-seeming construction in Tolstoj?

In «Так что же нам делать?», Lev Nikolaevich wrote «Я сижу на шее у человека, задавил его и требую, чтобы он вез меня, и, не слезая с него, уверяю себя и других, что я очень жалею и хочу облегчить... more


Завтра нас здесь не будет - why "нас", not "we"?

In the statement *`"Завтра нас здесь не будет."`* (*"We will not be here tomorrow."*), why use *нас* instead of *мы*? And why the conjugation is on the third person? I would translate it like... more


Conjugation with ни/либо phrases?

Which conjugation of the verb is used in a sentence like, "Neither I nor he will go to the party," where the subjects are different?


Why года instead of лет?

My Russian textbook gives the example, «Я родилась в июне сорок восьмого *года*.» Shouldn't genitive год following eighth be лет instead of года? Is this a mistake in my textbook? If not, could you... more


есть eat or have?

I'm very new to learning Russian and I was wondering if the word есть has different meanings? I thought it meant eat, but then noticed it was being used in different contexts. Forgive the... more

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