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Approximant vs. fricative realization of /b/, /d/, /g/?

According to the [Wikipedia article on Spanish phonology](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_phonology), the phonemes /b/, /d/, and /g/ are realized as approximants or fricatives instead of... more


Why does Latin America not “lisp” consonants, having learned its Spanish from Spain?

I am referring to the sounds made by the letters ⟨z⟩ and the soft ⟨c⟩ the way they’re said in Spain, like in the Spanish words *zorro* and *cena*. (This is the unvoiced dental fricative sound... more
Pronunciación Spanish Historia Rae


Do any Spanish words exist that aren't pronounced as expected from their spelling?

English is a language that does not have a consistent system for the pronunciation of words with similar spellings (*e.g.* compare *rough* with *through*), this can lead to a situation where it is... more


Why is Argentinian pronunciation different from other countries?

I was watching some Argentinian *telenovelas* to get used to Spanish language and noticed that there's a different pattern regarding the pronunciation of the imperative command than what Michel... more
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Is the dropped /s/ in Argentina a class marker?

I'm watching *La pelea de mi vida*, an Argentinean film, and in it the characters are dropping their esses all over the place. *E'ta*, *e'tuve*, even stuff like *E' muy e'traño* and *E'to... more
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Help me pronounce single "r"?

I've recently started studying Spanish (Latin American) with Rosetta Stone. I think I'm doing trilled *r*'s right but I'm not sure if I'm doing single *r*'s right. Are they supposed to have a... more
Pronunciación Spanish Ortografía


Why is "Enrique" pronunced as though it has a double "r"?

Why is "Enrique", even though its 'r' position is at the middle of a word, pronounced as a double "r"? What are the orthographic rules you need to know to determine if an "r" must be pronounced as... more


In what ways is the letter “s” (or the /s/ sound) pronounced in Spain?

I’ve heard varying things regarding the varying pronunciations of the “s” sound in Spain. However, no one was willing (or at least, able) to explain these variations to me.How is the “s” sound... more
Pronunciación Spanish Betacismo


Why is the 'b' and 'v' pronunciation inconsistent?

I've learnt that the v sound in Spanish is pronounced as a "b", however why are some words such as "por favor" and "Revolucion" pronounced as a "v"? Also, is this type of pronunciation Spanish... more

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