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Speaking of, [...] or Verbing, [...]?

I started out wondering if there was any Spanish analogy to the English construction `Speaking of, [independent clause]` as in >Speaking of potatoes, I love them. The most obvious possibility... more


Let's go in Spanish: vayamos vs vamos vs vamonos?

I understand that "Let's go" in Spanish is `vamonos` or `vamos` depending on the context. However, I have also learned from grammar books that all the "let's..." constructs translate into Spanish... more

Lo peor ya ha pasado - Why is "Lo" used?

The sentence translates to `The worse has already passed`. Why is `lo` used instead of `el`? When am I supposed to use one over the other?

Why does "Se habla espanol" translate to "We speak Spanish"?

I see on stores that they have a sign that says `Se habla espanol`. From first glance I would think that it is saying "It speaks Spanish". How is it unambiguous that it is saying "*We* speak... more


Unclear why to use "A vuestros hijos" instead of "vuestros hijos"?

I have the following sentence in English > Do your children like to read? Which translates to Spanish: > A vuestros hijos les gusta leer? To me it is unclear, why I have to use "**A**... more
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Gender of adjectives when no noun is defined?

I've always been taught that the gender of the adjective must agree with the noun. I was speaking to a friend about 'Orange is the New Black' (Netflix series), and couldn't decide how to... more
Traducción Spanish Gramática


What is the difference between using "de" and "que" for the English word "to"?

Here are two examples where `de` and `que` are meant to translate to `to` in English: `Donde tengo que dejar los documentos?` = Where do I have to leave the documents? `Es imposible de saber` =... more


What is the difference between "al" and "a la"?

Consider the following sentence: > Vamos a entender a la maestra. (We are going to understand the teacher) I remember seeing in a similar sentence the word `al` being used instead of `a la`.... more


De que color es la camisa? - What is "De" for?

It looks like this sentence can be formed without the "De" so what is it for?


What is the role of the "le" in the sentence "Miguel le dio a su novia un anillo."?

The sentence: > Miguel le dio a su novia un anillo. Translates into: > Miguel gave a ring to his girlfriend. I would think that there would be no need for the "`le`", since the direct... more
Traducción Spanish Gramática


Why are both "Presidente" and "Presidenta" accepted as correct translations?

Duolingo wanted me to choose between multiple options for the translation of "*She is the president of that organization*". I chose "*Ella es la presidente de esa organizacion*" but it was counted... more

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