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Choosing between 'sobre' and 'acerca de'?

Is there a significant difference between "sobre" and "acerca de", when the intent is to describe the topic of something? Where is "acerca de" a better choice than "sobre", and vice-versa?
Preposiciones Spanish Verbos


Why do oler and saber take the preposition "a"?

As an English speaker learning Spanish, I was always a little confused that it smells and tastes "to" something rather than "of" something:* *Huele a humo.** *Sabe a ajo.*I would think of "a" as... more


Difference between "por" and "para"?

Even after taking 4 years of college Spanish and living abroad, I still don't have a very firm control of when to use *por* or *para*. What are the basic rules on when to use either.
Preposiciones Spanish Infinitivo


When to add prepositions before an infinitive verb (por/para/a/de)?

With the infinitive form of a verb in English, (e.g. to speak), the word 'to' seems to convey a specific meaning where, in Spanish, an additional preposition is used in some cases.Examples:>I... more

Are there any differences between "de nada" and "por nada"?

Most of the time in all the Spanish speaking countries I've been in I've heard ***de nada*** as the reply to *gracias* or the equivalent of English *you're welcome* etc.But after a while I became... more
Preposiciones Spanish Gramática


Why is the cycle race called La Vuelta "a" Espana, not "de"?

The title says it all really. Before we started using the vernacular names we always called it *the tour of Spain*. What is this? a. not really understood by Spanish speakers as a tour belonging... more
Preposiciones Spanish Gramática Verbos


Spanish phrasal verbs?

The most difficult feature of English language (at least for myself) are "Phrasal verbs". Today I stumbled upon one sentence from a newspaper that made think about Phrasal verbs in Spanish. If we... more
Preposiciones Spanish Gramática


The translation of 'at' in Spanish?

The Spanish translation of > He appears **at** night. are given below. Is it correct both to say > El aparece **en** la noche. and/or > El aparece **a** la noche. `en` and `a`,... more
Preposiciones Spanish Gramática Sintaxis


Unclear why to use "A vuestros hijos" instead of "vuestros hijos"?

I have the following sentence in English > Do your children like to read? Which translates to Spanish: > A vuestros hijos les gusta leer? To me it is unclear, why I have to use "**A**... more
Preposiciones Spanish Gramática Adverbios


Cerca vs. acerca vs. cercano?

What is the exact difference between these words? If I were to translate, for instance, “I am near the bank”, which one of the following would be the best way to go and why: 1. *Estoy cerca del... more

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