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What is conflict in this story?

When I was 5 or 6, I went to the store with my parents. While browsing, I noticied a pink striped stuffed cat, and I really wanted it so I asked my parents for it, but they said no. I then threw a... more
Reading English History


Post-Romantic worldview?

What is a post romantic worldview? Is a Death of a Salesman an example of a post-romantic worldview? If so, why?


What conflicts arise in literature out of the tension between characters and setting? (TKAM)

I need to use quotes/ textual evidence from "To Kill a Mockingbird" to support my answer(s). Please help with my other question also about the same text... about bias.

How does bias limit our understanding of the world? (TKAM)

I need to use quotes/ textual evidence from "To Kill A Mockingbird" to support my answer(s). Please help!


write a poem about chese puffs

a poem the doesnt have cheese in that has the 5sences which is touch,smell,sound,taste,sight


The Handmaids Tale

How are Handmaids portrayed in the Handmaids tale? What arguments can you make on how they are portrayed?
Reading English 8th Grade


40 Fortunes by Aaron Shepard

What does the main character in 40 Fortunes eat from a jar to count down the days?
Reading Algebra 1 Biology


bb is homozygous or heterozygous

 i need this to help me like get good grades and things like that. 


In the story Stranded by Tracy Wilson, why did she choose to be stranded?

Im trying to find out why the character chose to be stranded.


Which sentence supports the idea that ancient Egypt was a center of scientific activity?

Hypatia was an ancient Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and teacher. She is celebrated for being a respected female thinker at a time when men were considered intellectually... more
Reading English Ii


What techniques do authors use to portray characters?

For the story The Grapes of Wrath.


what do scientisits ook for when analyzing their data in order to determine if the data supports the hypothes

n/a i have nothing else to ask yall  but the question that i had already put up there. okay pease


an empire invades a country whose people have no concept of ownership property or specialized labor the invaders from the locals to adopt the was of the empire.

which example best tells this story through allegory?   A). A lazy cat is content to watch mice scurry along the floor until the cat's owner forces it to hunt to survive.    B). A horde of... more


The following sentences are run-on sentences. Correct each sentences by adding a conjunction (and, or, but, because, so) or punctuation to make two sentences

1. The boy gobbled down the pancakes and drank his milk and went to his room to get ready for school   2. Bob dashed downstairs and got his backpack and ran outside to catch the bus.   3. The... more


Lord of the flies Chapter 1-4

In the first four chapters of Golding’s novel, the need for social order is a main theme that is illustrated by the events of the plot. For this writing, delineate the examples of this theme as... more


Lord of the Flies themes!!

Complete this theme chart show examples of the six themes from Chapters 4-6.  1. Summarize a passage from the story that demonstrates each theme. 2. Use a direct quote(s) from the novel in your... more

Write each pronoun and tell whether it is a personal or possessive

1. Bernstein and Robbins convinced the songwriter Stephen Sondheim and the writer Arthur Laurens to work with them.   2. At first, L aurents intended to follow shakespeare's plot in Romeo and... more

Please help. confused on 2 and 5. only answer 1-9 . use short answers

Annedote RESTATE THE IDEAS IN YOUR OWN WORDS   Passage Hiding to live : Animal Camouflage 1Animals in danger of being hunted and killed have evolved ways to camouflage themselves. 2 Perhaps... more


Reading Problem!

It is said that a smile is universally understood and nothing triggers a smile more universally than a taste of sugar. Nearly everyone loves sugar. Infant studies indicate that humans are born with... more


Choose the sentence that should be removed from the paragraph.

April is beginning the lengthy process of choosing a college to attend. She is buying and reading guides to the best schools. She hasn't completely ruled out working for a year before attending... more


How are the two sentences related?

Knowledge of another language fosters greater awareness of cultural diversity among the peoples of the world. Individuals who have foreign language skills can appreciate more readily other peoples'... more


What are some perserverance quotes from life as we knew it

I need help with this so can you please help me thank you 


How do the 8 ingredients of language relate to the five essential components of reading?

wanting to know how the one relates to the other?
Reading English


In Killing Mr. Griffin, What happens when Betsy and Jeff are followed by a police car while ditching Griffin's car at the airport?

Well I was trying to look for it but, I don't see it.

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