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Unit Rate Math Rate Ratio


Identify as a RATIO, RATE, or UNIT RATE: 7 hot dogs to 3 hamburgers *

Unit Rate Elementary Math


Jay bought 5 ounces of candy for $4. What was the unit price per POUND of candy?

I need help with homework!


How do I find unit rates?

Online jewelry sales have increased steadily over the last 10 years. In 2003, sales were approximately 2 billion dollars, and in 2009 they were approximately 14.7 billion.(i) Find the unit rate at... more
Unit Rate Prealgebra


Help me plz.......

Jason earned $54 at his job when he worked for 4 hours. What was his hourly pay rate in hours per dollar? 
Unit Rate Algebra 1


Unite Rate for the situation

“1200 calories in 3 liters” what is a unit rate for this?
Unit Rate Prealgebra


I need help on unit rate

If you prepared 12 liters of juice in 2 hours, how many liters of juice will you have in 5 hours?
Unit Rate Elementary Math


Circle all the examples below that represent a unit rate

Circle all the examples below that represent a unit rate A .12 miles per hour B. 1/2 square yards for every 3/4 Square feet C. Six jump in jacks in two minutes D. 12 meaters per second E. Jim... more
Unit Rate Math


Homework help Me pleas ei am sooooooo confused

A 64 our container count $6.50 and a 48 ounce container count $4.25 which is the better buy
Unit Rate Math Algebra


Algebra question: It takes Layla 2/5 of an hour to swim 1/2 mile. What is the unit rate of miles that Layla can swim per hour?

Would appreciate the answer, Thanks!
Unit Rate Proportion Rate


My mom walks 5/6 of a yard every minute.what is my mom rate in yard per minute

My grandma walks 5/6 of a yard every 4/12 minute what is my grandma rate in yards per minute
Unit Rate Fractions


Find each unit rate. Determine which is lower.

Brand A: 240 mg sodium for 1/3 pickle or brand B: 325 mg sodium for 1/2 pickle
Unit Rate


How i write the unit rate: buying a $30 item and getting the 2nd of equal $ for 50% off. Please help. (30+15)=45/2=24.5 not sure if is like that

The question is find the unit rate that describes the situation: 30+30/2=2c (30+15)/2= c I am not sure how to write it... please help
Unit Rate


what 75% of 400 write and evaluate and expresion to find the answer then explain how to use the model to justify the answer

i dont know what to do can you plz help me 
Unit Rate


Sara used 4 1 2 packs of pencils in the first 1 4 of the year. At what rate is Sara using pencils?

I don't know 
Unit Rate


If 15 out of 35 t-shirts are medium, how many medium t-shirts will there be in a 126 rack?

in a ratio
Unit Rate


Mika can eat 21 hot dogs in 6 minutes. He wants to know how many minutes it will take him to eat 35 hot dogs

He eats 21 hot dogs in 6 minutes. how long will it take him to eat 35 hot dogs?
Unit Rate


637 1/2 gallons in 3/4 hour so how much water in 1/4 hour

gallons filled in pool over time
Unit Rate Math


If 2/3 pounds for every 1/4 tablespoons, what’s the unit rate?

I need it for my math homework (a similar question, of course, not this exact one).
Unit Rate


A 16 package of brown rice costs 79 cents and 32 oz package of white rice costs $3.99. Which package is a better deal?

I need help on this question can someone please help me 
Unit Rate


It costs $3.99 for 25fl oz. Of Detergent or $6.99 for 90fl oz. Which is a better buy

I want to know the answer and how you got that
Unit Rate


Kenny reads 5/8 page in 2/3 minute.

Find each unit rate.

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