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How to answer questions involving pulleys?

A small ball,P, of mass 0.8kg is held at rest on a smooth horizontal table and is attached to one end of a thin rope. The rope passes over a pulley that is fixed at the edge of the table. The other... more


Solving speed word problem

A plane flew for 576 km directly into a strong wind and then flew back with the same wind. If the total flying time was 5 hours and the planes airspeed was 250 km/h what was the speed of the wind?



Overall, the bus covered 12 kilometres in 35 minutes. What is this speed in kilometres per hour?



Overall, the bus covered 12 kilometres in 35 minutes. What is this speed in kilometres per hour?


Distance, displacement speed and velocity

A student went for a run. She ran for exactly 22 minutes at an average speed of 4.0m/s calculate the distance she ran in km and state the equation that links distance travelled, average speed time.


I need help with HW

Isabelle is trying to predict the time required to ride her bike to the nearby beach. She knows that the distance is 45 km and, from other trips, that she can usually average about 20 km/h. Predict... more


Velocity, How far does the object move?

An object moving on a number line as position s given by s=t^2 (where t is measured in seconds and s in feet). At time t=2, its velocity is 4 feet per second, as you can check .How far does it move... more


Physics Question:

In a 3 km race, a runner completes the first km in 6 minutes, the second km in 7 minutes,  and the final km in 7 minutes. The average speed of the runner for the race is approximately what?A) 6.7... more


A deer moves East through the Forest at 4 m/s for 10 seconds. What is the deer's displacement?

The choices A) 40 mB) 4 m/s East C) 40 m EastD) 40 m/s


A plane flies 1200 km in 2.5 hours. What is the average speed of the flight?

The answer choices are A) 480 km/hr B) 300 km/hrC) 1200 km/hrD) 200 km/hr


Length of time?

A program will finish a project in 72 hours. But for one hour of that time, I can make it go 10 times faster. How much time will it cut off the total and what is the new total time it will take?


Is a normal person likely to be crawling, walking, running, or riding a bike at 10 m/s? Why?

I want to know the answer to this problem and why it is that answer.


finding average speed

kester and sam cycle from the same place at the same time in opposite directions. after 2 hrs, they will be 57 km apart. if they cycle from the same place in the same direction, after 2 hrs they... more


a driver drives 10 km in 40 minutes, what the average speed

 i need help with my hoework bc it is hard


i would like clarification on this question, thanks!

this is math question which happened to arise in my fortnightly math quiz, was thinking it was 25 but Id like clarification. Thanks!  A convoy has to travel from P to Q, leaving at a certain time.... more


Speed Time and Distance Problem Below.

Two cars are going in opposite directions, leaving the town at the same time. If the average speeds of the car are 65 mph and 55 mph, how long does it take for the distance between the cars to... more


Finding the speed in 3D motion

Hi   I have been given the position vector of a particle, and have then differentiated this to get the velocity vector for the patricle. I have now been asked to find the speed, but am not sure... more


at full throttle

At full throttle, the boat went upstream 32 miles in 8 times the time it took to go downstream 32 miles at full throttle.  If the current was 7 miles per hour, what is the speed of the boat in... more


A 1.2m dimater hoop with ....

A 1.2 m diameter hoop with moment of inertia, Ih = Mr^2, starts from rest at a height 1.2 m above the base of an inclined plane and rolls down (without slipping) to the bottom. What is the linear... more


Using the information provided, calculate the period of the wave:

A transverse wave with an amplitude of 0.20 meter and wavelength of 3.0 meters travels toward the right in a medium with a speed of 4.0 meters per second. Using the information provided, calculate... more


Find the period and speed of the wave:

A periodic wave traveling in a uniform medium has a wavelength of 0.080 meter, an amplitude of 0.040 meter and a frequency of 5.0 Hertz. (a) Determine the period of the wave (b) Calculate the speed... more


Speed of 2 cars

car A and b start at same point. A travels north 10 mph faster then b. B travels west. After 1 hour they are 108 miles apart (straight line drawn between them) how fast is each car driving?  So I... more
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