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At what rate is the base of the triangle changing

The altitude of a triangle is increasing at a rate of 1.500 centimeters/minute while the area of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 3.000 square centimeters/minute. At what rate is the base of... more


one car is traveling at 70mph..the second car is 50 miles behind the first car in 2.5 hours..what rate is the second car going

rate x time equals distance my problem is: car a is traveling at 70mph car B is 50 miles behind car a in 2.5 hours..what rate is B traveling at?


Bob measured his pulse and found that his heartbeat at a rate of 80 Beats A minute. At this rate how many days will it take his heart to beat 1,000,000 times

I need this for math and Im very lost , can you please helpĀ 


Find the rate constant r?

Consider a population p of field mice that grows at a rate proportional to the current population, so that dy/dt=rp. a) Find the rate constant r if the population doubles in 30 days. b) Find r if... more

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