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Percentage Changes


The percent of working students increased 15.7% to 36% what was the percent prior to the increase?

I need help solving this so I can understand similar problems dealing with change in percents.
Percentage Changes


By what percentage do you reduce 6.25" x 10.00" to arrive at 4.25" x 7.12"?

Trying to use a printer to reduce a photo to fit the cover of a book
Percentage Changes Percentage Percentages


If the value of a gold coin is increased by 20% each year, find the percentage increase of the coin over three years.

If the value of a gold coin is increased by 20% each year, find the percentage increase of the coin over three years.
Percentage Changes


Percentage decrease

I have a rental property I was renting for $430 p/w. Due to the market I now only get $290 p/w. What is the percentage decrease between the two amounts?
Percentage Changes


Percentage change in the percentage

Annual percentage change in revenue at Burger House from 2010 to 2011 is 6%, and from 2011 to 2012 is 9%. What is the percentage change in the revenue from 2010 to 2012?
Percentage Changes


If the national economy shrank at an annual rate of 7% per year for three consecutive​ years, then the economy shrank by 21% over the three-year period.

I need to find out how much the economy actually shrank by
Percentage Changes Percent Increase


what is the percent change from 1.8 to 2.4?

i need to know the increase and the decrease.
Percentage Changes


Percentage problems

in a factory X out of every Y items produced were found to be defective. If 5% of the items produced during the day were defective, what was the total number of items produced that day? 
Percentage Changes


Statistical test for frequency data changes over time with one group of subjects?

I have collected data over 8 years for 44 students on the number of episodes of physical aggression that have occurred with each student for each of the 8 years. I have calculated the percentage... more
Percentage Changes


Why is there a difference in these percentage calculations?

Employers way -- $5920 X .9 = $5328 X .6 = $3196.8 My way -- $5920 X .55 = $3256   I have a %60 split with %10 taken off the top in which we split in half, so basically I lose %5 of that. So... more
Percentage Changes


How much money are you now making?

you are paid $17.50 per hour. since you just had great review your boss gave you an 8% raise. one later the company falls on hard times and everyone is forced to take an 8%. how much money are you... more
Percentage Changes Percentage


Melanie receives 7% commission on every house she sells. If she received a commission of $14,259, what is the value of the house she sold?

I just need this answered I'm confused on how to do this or what the equation should be.  
Percentage Changes


By what percent did the total market value of her investments change?

Kayla’s portfolio of shares comprised of investments of $7,800 in the telecommunications industry and $13,400 in the information technology industry. The market price of her telecommunications... more
Percentage Changes


'e' increased by 20% is equal to 'f' increased by 50% show that e = 1.25f

The actual question says "'e' increased by 20% is equal to 'f' increased by 50% show that f = 1.25e" however my teacher says that's wrong. I have no idea how to do this.
Percentage Changes


decrease percentage between 84 and 43

what is the decrease percentage between 84 customers in one hour and 43 customers in another hour on another day
Percentage Changes Math Math Word Problem


need help asap

The percent of maintenance: 14% The percent of instruction: 70%if the cost of maintenance had been 50percent less and the amount saved had been applied to instruction, then the increase in the... more
Percentage Changes


Word problem plz><

The percent of maintenance: 14%  The percent of instruction: 70% if the cost of maintenance had been 50percent less and the amount saved had been applied to instruction,theN The increase in the... more
Percentage Changes


percentage change:

Percentage change(a) One calculation below gives the answer to the questionWhat is 70 increased by 9%?Tick () the correct one.70 × 0.9 70 × 1.9 70 × 0.09 70 × 1.09Choose one of the other... more
Percentage Changes Math Math Help Variations


Variations and Percentages! Help

The question is here in the link: http://postimg.org/image/6uq9f3opn/ The last step I could get was:Let K1 and K2 Be constant Z = 1.25(K1)(X ) + 0.64(K2)(Y2) ... Thanks for your help!
Percentage Changes Percentage Formula


If 267,000 jobs increases to 301,710 jobs over 10 years, what is the annual growth percentage?

Thank you for trying to answer.  It's much appreciated if someone can answer for me.
Percentage Changes Percentage


Percentage changes

Jack sold two used cars for 60'000 SEK each.He made a 20% profit on the first one, but a 20% loss on the second one.Did he make a profit or a loss with the business?

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