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Finding A Missing Ordinate (Analytic Geometry - Distance Formula)

The sum of distances from a point P to (8,0) and (-8,0) is 20. If the abscissa of P is 6, find the ordinate. I'm a little confused about this problem.


9th grade math question

Triangle ABC is isosceles. Sides AB and BC are the legs. Point D lies somewhere on the base. Segment BD bisects the vertex angle. Angle A is 50 degrees. Segment DC is 4 feet long. What is the... more


Calculus question

I've tried searching the method but i cant find a clear explanationThe vertices of a triangle ΔABC are A( p,q) , B(r, s) ,C(u, v) . Assume that thesecoordinates satisfy2p + 3r + 4u = 02q + 3s +4v =... more


The perimeter big a triangle is 43 cm. The largest side is 4 times the smallest side. The other side is 8 more than twice the smallest side. What is the length of the smallest side?

This is my question from 10th grade I'm really confused about it I hope anyone can help me with this please. Thank you!
Triangle Math


In Triangle ABC, the measure of angle A is half the measure of angle B, which is 40 degrees more twice the measure of angle C. Find the measures of the three angle of this triangle.

Can someone explain how to get the equation needed to solve the problem? Thanks in advance.


Trigonometry Problem about the Area of a triangle (given one side and two angles)

Find the area of (triangle) TRI if TR=10cm, m∠T=105°and m∠R=30°
Triangle Math Algebra Traingle


Find X given two angles on a traingle

Find X. I need help with this problem. Please!!!!!! I need an answer very soon. Thanks!


Triangle and degree problem please help

What did the hypseone of the triangleee


Right triangle problem

In da triangleeee there are three sides
Triangle Math Trigonometry


Area of Equilateral Triangle

Hi ado you solve triangles


Solve for Sin 0 please

How do I solve for sin pls help thandks


Equilateral Triangle Area

The height of an equilateral triangle is 98 ft how do I solve
Triangle Acute


An acute triangle has sides of length of 6,7, and x, Solve for X

I got two answers: the square root of 13 is less than x and x is less than square root of 85 for the first The second one is that 1 is less than x and x is less than 13. Which one is correct?


triangle leng th s

a triangle has one side that measures 3 feet and another side that measures 27 inches. which are possibles side lengths of the third side. a. 14 in b. 6 in c. 53 in d. 68 in


Which rotation will carry a regular octagon onto itself?

A. 60 counterclockwise rotation B. 90 counterclockwise rotationC. 120 counterclockwise rotationD. 200 counterclockwise rotation


Plz plz plz help I'm confused

Two right triangles are similar. The base of the larger triangle is 4 times the size of the base of the smaller triangle. The height of the larger triangle is 16cm. The area of the smaller triangle... more


Where does the $-2ab$ term come from in the cosine law?

I understand that in the cosine rule i.e. $c^2 = a^2 + b^2 - 2ab \\cos C$, the cosine function acts to bring down the value of $c^2$ for acute angles ($\\cos C>0$, $-2ab\\cos C<0$ ) and... more


In a 30-60 right triangle the side opposite the 30 degree angle is half the length of the hypotenuse. Why?

> In a 30-60 right triangle the side opposite the 30 degree angle is half the length of the hypotenuse. A statement from the trigonometry section of Simmons' *Precalculus in a nutshell*. Please... more


How to find area of triangle from its medians?

The length of three medians of a triangle are $9$,$12$ and $15$cm.The area (in sq. cm) of the triangle is a) $48$ b) $144$ c) $24$ d) $72$ I don't want whole solution just give me the hint how... more

Does a triangle always have a point where each side subtends equal 120° angles?

Is there a point $O$ inside a triangle $\ riangle ABC$ (any triangle) such that the angle $\\angle{AOB} = \\angle{BOC} = \\angle{AOC}$? What do we call this point?

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