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a squares perimeter measures 64 in. if a similar square's dimensions are 1/2 as large, what is the measure of each side

how do you calculate and explain.

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A square is a figure that has 4 equal sides. We also know that the perimeter is the sum of all the sides of a figure. In this case we have 4 sides each with a measure of x adding to 64in. From this information we can find out the measure of each side. Our equation follows:




Now that we know that each side is 16in we can answer the question. Since we're being asked the dimensions of a square with dimensions half as large, then all we need to do is take half of 16in which is 8in. 

Answer: 8in each side. 

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Given information: 1) Object in question is a square. By definition we know square has all the four sides of same length.

2) We know the perimeter of the square is 64 in . Again a perimeter of an object is the sum of all its sides.

Now, let us plug this information in some kind of mathematical form

Let us assume the length of one side of this square as l.

Therefore the sum of four sides will be l+l+l+l = 4l

Now perimeter of the square = sum of all sides = 4l (from above)

we know in this problem perimeter is 64 in.

Therefore 64 = 4l

Divide each side by 4

16 = l

Hence, the length of the original square is 16 inch.

Now the length of the new square is 1/2 of the length of the original square.

Length of side of new square = 1/2 X length of side of original square.

Length of side of new square = 1/2 X 16 

Length of side of new square = 8in (Answer)