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calculus word problem - related rates

two people leave the same point at the same time. one walks due east at a rate of 3 miles per hour. the other one walks due north at 2 miles per hour. find the rate at which the distance between... more


Have a final pleaseee help

In a normal distribution with mean 850 in standard deviation 120 find the probability that a data value picked at random is greater than 1169show work!


Trigonometry equation

Find tan(x-y) if sin(x) = 1/5, cos(y) = 2/5, tan(x) < 0 tan(y) > 0


Word problem help!

A rectangular box without a top has a square base and a volume of 24 cubic inches. Let x be the length of the sides of the base. Write the surface area of the box as a function of the single... more


Precalculus Word Problem - 3 by 3 or 2 by 3 function

A total of $5000 is invested at 2%, 3% and 4%. The amount invested at 4% equals the total amount invested at 2% and 3%. The total interest for one years is $145. If possible, find the amount... more

Finding exponential decay given half-life problem

The half-life of a certain radioactive substance is 10 years. Initially there are 100 grams of the substance. Let A(t) be the number of grams of the substance at time t years. Find each of the... more
Help Asap Precalculus Homework


For each pair of functions, find f(g(x)) and g(f(x)). Simplify your answers.

f(x)= 1/x-6, g(x)= 7/x+6 f(x)= x^2 +1, g(x)= SqRt x+2 f(x)= |x|, g(x)= 5x+1


Word problem help please!

The manufacturer of a CD player has found that the revenue R (in dollars) is R(p) = -4p2 + 1440p, when the unit price is p dollars. If the manufacturer sets the price p to maximize revenue, what is... more


Chemistry word problem, please help!

While you are doing heavy work, your heart pumps up to 25.0 L of blood per minute. Your brain gets about 3-4% by volume of your blood under these conditions. What volume of blood in liters is... more


A planf cell has length 5.8×10^-6 m and 2.9×10^-6 m. what is the ratio of the plant cell's length to its width

5.8 × 10^-6 = 0.00000058m   2.9 × 10^-6 = 0.0000029m   What is the ratio?
Help Asap Algebra 2


the area of rectangle is 12 square inches and its diagonal is 5 inches. Find the length and the width of the rectangle.

need this question done asap.  thank you

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