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Solving a distance, rate, time problem using a rational equation

Ivan's boat has a top speed of 9 miles per hour in still water. While traveling on a river at top speed, he went 10 miles upstream in the same amount of time he went 20 miles downstream. Find the... more
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The sum of three consecutive numbers is 111. What is the smallest of the three numbers?

I honestly don't know what to type I just need help. Thanks.


Is Nathan or Cleo correct if so why?

 Nathan and Cleo are in a debate about how many US dollars are in 5 British pounds. Both students used conversion factors to convert pounds to dollars.   Nathan proposes that 5 British pounds are... more


i need the help for math

Question 3Consider the line .What is the slope of a line perpendicular to this line?What is the slope of a line parallel to this line?  


austin rode his bike at an average speed of 18 miles per hour. how long will it take him to ride 63 miles

 i need help on how long it will take him to ride 63 miles


Explain Please

If 4a-8=6a, then 8a equals?


What are some possible formulas to find the volume of a cylinder?

Formulas anyone???


what is 4-3x>16

what is the answer  


What is the equation of the line that is parallel to the line y = x + 4 and passes through the point (6, 5)?

 i need help with thi


2KClO3 —> 2KCl + 3O2

How many grams of KClO3 are required to produce 62 moles of KCl?


A number is at most 0 and greater than -10

The least possible integer value of this number is   the greatest possible integer value of this number is
Helpful Helppp


What is the 33rd term of this arithmetic sequence? 12, 7, 2, -3, -8, …

i need help on this problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Simplify the expression: 3(1+8y)+2

I need help trying to find out how to do this problem I need step by step instruction.

How do you solve this problem and what does the answer end up being?

A stamp collection consists of 8-cent, 13-cent and 18 cent stamps. The number of 8-cent stamps is twice the number of 18-cent stamps. There are 3 more 13-cent stamps than 18-cent stamps. The total... more
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Find the average rate of change of f(x)=2x^2-x+1 on the interval [3, 3+h]

Not sure if the graph is entirely relavant to solving this homework problem. Struggling to understand what to do for A.R.C. with the variable in the interval.
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the Washington monument is 555 feet tall. it is 75 feet shorter than the gateway to the west arch

the Washington monument is 55 feet tall it is 75 feet shorter than gateway to the west arch
Helpful Biology Thank You


biology homework help

  ''the figure below shows cuboidal cells making up the lining of a kidney tuble''''the cuboidal cell is a perfect cube and the height of one side is 0.001mm,calcualte the surface area to volume... more


the tokugawa shogunate ruled during a time of peace

what kind do you gu people that one is good


Each day a car manufacturer selects a number between 100 and 150 and then checks the quality of every nth car they produce, where n is the number they selected.

Please help!!!! I also need to know if it will produce a good sample... Is this problem systematic, random, or stratified? 


7 kids walk themselves to school two fifths ride the public bus to school and 32 percent were dropped off how many went kids ride the bus

7 kids walk by themselves to school two fifths ride the public bus and 32percent were dropped off by there gaurdians


Hitler convinced fascists to adopt?

Based on Civics (government)

I have a test today on logarithms and I dont know how to do it at all HELP ME PLEASE!

i need to know the basics      adding logs subtracting logs all that good stuff

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